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Author: chasingghosts
Created: May 18, 2013
Taken: 109 times
Rated: PG

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Which of my friends should you date?

Created by chasingghosts and taken 109 times on Bzoink
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Inspired by a similar survey I saw on here.
You’re very sociable.
You have long, dark hair.
You’re tall.
You love tall guys.
You would consider yourself to be intelligent.
Sex is important to you in relationship.
Appearance is also important to you.
You are confident when it comes to relationships.
Your favourite tv show is Friends.
You like hardcore music.
You know how to have a good time.
You like to live life to the fullest.
However, you enjoy being lazy whenever you can.
You’re relatively carefree.
You have a rather strange sense of humour.
You swear like a sailor.
You believe that your boyfriend/girlfriend should also be your best friend.
You like to use pet names with your boyfriend/girlfriend.
Family is really important to you.
You like pop music.
You like metal music.
You are comfortable in your own skin.
You have no problem confiding in people.
You’re easy going and know how to take a joke.
When you want something, you go for it.
You know how to comfort someone when they’re upset.
You like to dye your hair unnatural colours.
You have a unique fashion style.
You spend a lot of time online.
You like guys with long hair.
You take care of your mind, body and soul.
You’re shy but know how to open up at the right moments.
You aren’t very high maintenance.
You aren’t a very romantic person and don’t appreciate romantic gesture
You never hold grudges.
You’re an animal person.
You like rock music.
You read comics.
You’re artistic.
You know how to ride a skateboard.