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About This Survey

Author: animeissikk
Created: June 11, 2013
Taken: 89 times
Rated: G

A survey that will blow your mind

Created by animeissikk and taken 89 times on Bzoink
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You've done this a million times and know it'll be a million and one!
How old are you?
Do you go to school?
If so, where? ( high school, college, etc)
Let's see how awesome your life is.
Answer this honestly: Do you feel like you're living life to the fullest?
If not, tell me what you think is holding you back.
Do you procrastinate as much as I do?
How do you motivate yourself to hit the books and study?
Isn't the internet the worst place to be when you have to study?
Do you have any idea what you want to do with your life?
On a scale of 1-10 how socially awkward are you? (With 10 being yes)
Would you say you have a lot of friends?
What are some of your goals right know?
Do you think you'll accomplish those goals?
Hobbies and interests
What are a few of your favourite movies?
Does your school have a quidditch team? (Mine does)
What are your favourite sports?
Do you prefer being outside or inside?
How many hours a day do you think you spend staring at a screen?
Don't you think its sad how much technology consumes peoples lives?
What countries have you travelled to?
I completely forgot to ask this but what country do you live in?
How much cash do you have in your purse right know?
The last one
Is there something you should be doing right know?
Are you procrastinating?
If yes, awesome. Because I'm procrastinating right know as well.