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Author: genioticpegacorn
Created: August 2, 2013
Taken: 193 times
Rated: PG

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Are we alike?(: ONLY FOR GIRLS.

Created by genioticpegacorn and taken 193 times on Bzoink
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You love music.
You wear mismatch socks.
You love plaid.
You always have to keep your legs shaved.
You like your nails painted.
You love indie music.
You've dyed your hair quite a bit.
You're afraid of dolls.
You suffer from depression.
You have a boyfriend.
Your parents are divorced.
Your eyes are hazel.
You have long eyelashes.
You need braces.
You suffer from an eating disorder.
You play the piano.
You've recovered from self-harming.
You're only energetic & hyper around people you know.
But you're super quiet & shy around people you don't know.
You have freckles.
You have your ears pierced.
You sleep in extremely late.
You don't go to bed until it's light outside.
You're a grammar nazi.
You're terrified of spiders.
You've been in a psych unit for depression.
Your birthday is in December.
Your favourite season is summer.
You shower everyday.
You wear make-up, but not a lot.
You share a room with your brother & mom. -.-
You've been homeless before.
You have money problems.
You've been pregnant before.
But didn't have the baby...
The only friends you have live in different states.
You do your own laundry.
You watch Teen Mom. :'D
You're schizophrenic.
You have a lot of clothes that you don't wear.
You cut up your own clothes to make them cuter.
You put salt or ketchup on almost anything.
You HATE raisins.
You have a niece.
You're 15 years old.
You love the color purple.
You love alternative music.
You're currently in high school.
You love your school.
You're attracted to coyboys. (:
You're sensitive.
You cry easily.
You've been so depressed, you couldn't get outta bed.
You're always hungry, but can't eat.
You've attempted suicide.
You've had sex.
You've had your first kiss.
You've been in love.
You like to draw.
You love to sing.
You have 8 siblings.
You're the youngest on your mom's side.
You have a relative in the military.
You have 2 tattoos.
You've broken a bone.
You aren't flexible.
You absolutely despise Nicki Minaj.
You hate Lil Wayne, but like a couple of his songs.
You're a fan of Tech N9ne.
You're underweight.
You put others before yourself.
You're a people pleaser.
Satan himself temporarily takes over you when you're on your period.
When you're nauseous, you become violent.
You're addicted to soda.
You dress weirdly, but like it.
You're currently looking for a job.
You're always the one standing out.
You've been severely bullied.
You overcame your depression.
You still get sad from time to time, though.
You've been back stabbed by a girl who you thought was your best friend.
You've been cheated more than once by just one guy.
You're easily forgiving, but you never forget what's said & done.
Your favourite movie is LOL.
You enjoy romance movies.
Also, chick flicks.
You have short hair.
You get car sick.
Are we alike?(: