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Author: shelbylovestyler
Created: October 23, 2013
Taken: 306 times
Rated: G

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A-Z random questions.

Created by shelbylovestyler and taken 306 times on Bzoink
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Do you like APPLES?
What was the last ALCOHOLIC beverage you drank?
Do you know all the words to the song AMAZING grace?
Do you like ART?
Do you watch AMERICAN dad?
Do you like in AMERICA?
Whens the last time you had BROWNIES?
Do you own a BACKPACK?
Have you ever met anyone named BOB?
What is the closest item that is the color BROWN?
Does your house have a BACK porch?
What color is the CARPET in your bedroom?
Are you on a COMPUTER?
What kind of CAR do you drive?
What color are your CURTAINS in the living room?
Do you have a CELLPHONE CASE on your phone?
Whens the last time youve ever used index CARDS?
Do you have a pet DOG?
What is the last thing you had to DRINK?
Is it DARK outside?
What DAY is it?
Are you afraid of DEATH?
Have you ever seen the movie DUE DATE?
Is the number ELEVEN your lucky number?
Do you have any friends named ETHAN?
Do you think math is EASY?
How do you like your EGGS?
Do you like going FISHING?
Who is your best FRIEND?
Who was your FIRST grade teacher?
Have you ever been to FLORIDA?
How about FRANCE?
Are you a GIRL?
Do you like the color GREEN?
What is your favorite color GRAPE?
Do you believe in GOD?
What is your GRANDMOTHERS name?
What about your GRANDFATHERS name?
Have your ever ridden on a HORSE?
Are you HAPPY?
Do you believe there is a HELL?
How about HEAVEN?
Is it HOT outside?
Do you like HALLOWEEN?
What is your favorite HOLIDAY?
Which HAND do you write with?
How big is the HOUSE you live in?
Whats your favorite flavor ICE cream?
Have you ever owned an IGUANA?
Have you ever met anyone name ISABELLE?
Are you good at telling JOKES?
Whens the last time youve done JUMPING JACKS?
Do you know anyone named JORDAN?
Have you ever seen a KANGAROO?
Have you flown a KITE?
Do you have any KIDS?
Would you consider yourself KIND?
Are you in the KITCHEN?
Who was your first KISS with?
Are you in LOVE with anyone?
Have you ever been LOST?
Is the LIGHT on in the room youre in?
Is there a LAMP near you?
Have you ever used the word LAME?
Do you like LASAGNA?
What is your MOMS name?
What MONTH is it?
Do you work on MONDAYS?
Whats your favorite genre of MOVIES?
Did MICHAEL MYERS scare you as a child?
Have you ever broken your NOSE?
Were you born before the year NINETEEN NINETY NINE?
Do you like green or black OLIVES?
Do you know anyone named OSCAR?
Do you sleep with your bedroom door OPEN?
If you had a super POWER, what would it be?
Do you like the color PINK?
What about PURPLE?
Do you carve PUMPKINS on halloween?
Dont you hate getting PINCHED?
Do you have any PIERCINGS?
Whats the last thing you QUIT?
Are you a QUIET person?
Have you ever made a QUILT?
How long does it take you to get READY?
Can you write with your RIGHT hand?
Do you think aliens are REAL?
Whats the closest thing to you that is RED?
Do you like RAP music?
How about ROCK music?
Have you ever watched SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS?
What SEASON is it?
Do you know any girls named SHELBY?
Do you SMOKE?
Whats your favorite flavor SMOOTHIE?
Have you ever held or touched a SNAKE?
Have you ever had SEX?
When is the last time you SWEPT?
Are you TALL?
Would you say you are TRUSTWORTHY?
Do you own any TOMS shoes?
What TIME is it?
Do you like TACO BELL?
How many TATTOOS do you have?
Are you TIRED?
What color is your UMBRELLA?
Do you have a UNIBROW?
What color UNDERWEAR do you have on?
Have you ever been to UTAH?
Can you play VIOLIN?
Who last came to VISIT you?
Where did you last go on VACATION?
Have you ever drove a VAN?
Have you ever seen a real life WHALE?
Whats the closest WHITE object to you?
Do you like WINTER?
Hows the WEATHER outside?
How many WINDOWS are in the current room you are in?
Do you like WEDNSDAYS?
Do you believe WISHING WELLS WORK?
Have you ever played an XYLOPHONE?
Do you like the movie XXX?
Do you like the letter X?
Name something YELLOW?
Are you YOUNG?
Dont you wish the fountain of YOUTH was real?
What YEAR is it?
Do you YEILD when a sign says to?
Have you ever visited new YORK?
Do you own any ZEBRA pattern things?
Is Z your favorite letter?
Have you been to the ZOO this year?
Have you ever been on that ZOOSK website from tv commericals?
Have you ever seen the movie ZOO keeper?
Do the pants your wearing have a ZIPPER?