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Author: garcia
Created: December 26, 2013
Taken: 106 times
Rated: G

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Are we alike?

Created by garcia and taken 106 times on Bzoink
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Very random.
Your first name begins with A.
You drive a Subaru.
You don't get sick often, but when you do, you get really sick.
You rarely see your siblings.
Your parents are divorced.
You speak German fluently.
Most of your friends live in a different town/city.
You're currently single and have been for quite a while.
You have a pet cat.
You attended high school in three different places.
You were a high-achiever in high school.
You have high expectations of yourself.
Linguistics is your passion.
You're about to move out of home to go to university.
You have fairy lights in your bedroom.
You exercise several times a week.
You eat reasonably healthy.
Some of your relatives live overseas.
You've visited many European countries.
You live within walking distance of most amenities.
You live in a house that is way bigger than your household needs.
You love to take photos of things.
You always make an effort with your appearance.
You love to read but don't have a lot of spare time to do so.
You're a generally happy, optimistic and upbeat person.
You get along with most people.
You find it pretty easy to start a conversation and make new friends.
You're still not sure what you want to do for a living.
You like to keep up to date with the latest iPhone models.
You've had things removed from your body.
You've broken your wrists and/or ankles.
You were an adventurous child and often injured yourself as a result.
You like a wide range of musical genres and styles.
You aren't picky when it comes to music.
Music is what brings you closer to a lot of people.
You almost always have music playing in your bedroom.
You've had house parties at your house before.
You've smoked a cigarette, and you hated it.
You dye your hair often.
You love high-thrill rides at theme parks.
You are scared of heights but only when there is a possibility of falling.
You are scared of spiders.
You are scared of snakes.
You work at a local supermarket.
You've only recently started at your current job.
People think they can push you around because you're so nice.
The truth is, there's no way anyone can push you around.
You don't particularly like romantic films.
Horrors and dramas are your favourite film genre.
You don't have any celebrity crushes.
You're one of those people who watches tv shows religiously.
You've seen every single episode of at least 10 tv series.
You have large collections of films, tv series and CDs.
You've studied music theory.
You've studied chemistry.
Learning new things is one of your favourite things to do.
Your bedroom is your sanctuary.
Your friends are your rocks.
You're glad this survey is finally over.