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About This Survey

Author: roxy-ryan
Created: January 13, 2014
Taken: 23 times
Rated: PG

HBO 'Girls' Survey, For All those Obsessed Fans like Myself!

Created by roxy-ryan and taken 23 times on Bzoink
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Season 3 has started and two episodes have been released..
The Seasons..
Favourite Season so far:
Thoughts on Season 1:
Favourite Episode in Season 1:
Favourite moment in season 1:
Thoughts on Season 2:
Favourite Episode in Season 2:
Favourite moment in Season 2:
Thoughts on Season 3 so far:
Favourite moment in Season 3 so far:
The Characters, name something you like about each one..
Hannah Horvath:
Marnie Michaels:
Jessa Johansson:
Shoshanna Shapiro:
Adam Sackler:
Ray Ploshansky:
Charlie Dattolo:
Elijah Krantz:
Booth Jonathan:
Let's Talk about Hannah :)
What do you like most about Hannah:
How do you feel about her relationship with Adam:
Favourite Hannah moment:
Do you think her parents were too tough on her:
Do you think she will find the 'perfect job?':
Thoughts on Hannahs Friendship with Jessa:
Thoughts on her relationship with Marnie:
Longer Hair or the shorter hair once she cut it in series 2?:
Do you feel life is a little unfair on Hannah:
Let's talk about Marnie :)
Thoughts on Marnie and Booth:
Thoughts on Marnie and Charlie:
What was Marnie thinking hooking up with Elijah:
Do you find her attractive:
Do you think she was a little unfair to Charlie:
Who would you like to see Marnie with more? Charlie or Booth:
In the new series: thoughts on Marnie's new life:
Let's Talk about Jessa :)
Why do you think Jessa is always Disapearing:
Thoughts on Jessa being in Rehab in series 3:
Thoughts on Jessa's short marriage:
Is Jessa one of your top three favourite characters:
Name one thing about Jessa you do not like:
Let's talk about Shoshanna :)
Do you find her voice annoying:
Thoughts on her relationship with Ray:
Thoughts on her friendship with Hannah:
Do you find her character to be dumb:
Would you describe her as bubbly or OTT:
What do you see for her future in the show:
Time to talk about Adam :)
Thoughts on Adam overall:
Do you find him to be annoying:
Do you find him to be sex-crazed:
Name one thing you love about Adam:
Name one thing you cannot stand about his character:
Thoughts on how he treats Hannah in the bedroom:
Thoughts on his sexual fantasies and Dirty talk:
Would you like to see Adam and Hannah last?
Now let's discuss Elijah :D
One thing you love about him:
One thing you cannot stand about him:
If I Could I would say this to Elijah ______
Do you like the fashion sense for his character:
His friendship with Hannah is ___________
If you could have one Character as a best friend...
Who would it be:
If you could date one of the characters...
Who would it be:
You have to marry a character, kiss a character and abandon one...
I would Marry:
I would kiss:
I would Abandon:
Who would you prefer:
Hannah vs Jessa:
Jessa vs Shoshanna:
Shoshanna vs Marnie:
Charlie vs Booth:
Adam vs Elijah:
Marnie vs Hannah:
Jessa vs Marnie:
Shoshanna vs Hannah:
Ray vs Adam:
More Questions:
What attracted you to start watching the show:
How did you first hear about the show:
When did you first start watching the show:
What were your first thoughts on the show:
Do you know what awards the show has won:
Thought on Lena Dunham and her work:
Have you seen any other 'Girls' footage online:
Do you own the original copies of 'Girls' on DVD:
Do your friends watch the show:
Do your family watch the show:
What country are you in:
How old are you:
Describe 'Girls' in one sentence:
Are you a Sex And The City fan:
Have you seen Lena Dunhams 'Tiny Furniture':
Thank you for taking my survey :)
Please save your anwers/responses, I would love to read them xx
Peace xxx