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About This Survey

Author: italianradio97
Created: February 13, 2014
Taken: 64 times
Rated: PG

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Tumblr survey

Created by italianradio97 and taken 64 times on Bzoink
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Do you watch Supernatural
What's the last 3 letters/characters of your URL
How many blogs do you follow
Visit the fandoms you are part of, if any
Divide the # of your followers by 2. What did you get
Do you have a custom theme
Have you ever made any successful text posts
What's your opinion on thinspo blogs
Do you follow any body positive blogs
Are you easily offended
Do you follow thefrogman
Do any of your favorite celebrities have Tumblr
Do you tag your triggers
Why or why not
Have you ever received anon hate
Have you ever sent anon hate
Do you follow any porn blogs
Describe your favorite blog in three words
Have you ever given out your kik, phone #, email, or Facebook on Tumblr
Is your Tumblr linked with your Facebook account
Did you freak out when Yahoo! bought Tumblr
When did you first join Tumblr
Have you ever had more than 2 blogs at a time
Have you ever posted any nudes on Tumblr
Have you gotten any of your friends into Tumblr
Is your blog a secret
Would you be upset if your family found your blog
Do you follow Tumblr user 'pizza'
Are you a vegan
If so, do you find the "find the vegan" game to be offensive
Did you go through a hipster phase
Before Tumblr, what were some of the social networking sites you used
Do you find music on blogs to be annoying
Do you have an "about me" section/page
Do you ever post selfies
Do you ever reblog your selfies
Do you find it annoying when people do that
Do you always follow back
Has Tumblr changed you as a person
If so, has it changed you more positively or negatively, in your opinion
Approximately how much time do you spend on Tumblr per day
Does it effect your work/study habits
Does it effect your social life
Do you have the Tumblr app on your mobile device
Do you follow any band/music blogs
Do you reblog or like more often
Do you like food porn
Name all the tags that you track
What's the title (not URL) of your blog
Is your icon of you or a celebrity
How long did it take you to understand how to use Tumblr properly
Have you ever participated in the 'accent tag' videos going around?
Were you a victm of the Misha Apocalypse
Are you a b&w blog
Do you think those 'soft grunge' blogs are kinda ridiculous
Do you reblog those 'send me asks' posts
Have you blocked anyone on Tumblr
Have you blocked any types of posts from appearing on your dash
What are the main colors of your Tumblr theme
Do you post your own artwork/photography/writing on Tumblr