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Author: carmadazy
Created: May 4, 2014
Taken: 71 times
Rated: R

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this or that?

Created by carmadazy and taken 71 times on Bzoink
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this or that
internet or tv?
pillows or blankets?
Mtv or Vh1?
History Channel or Comedy central?
Woub or I.N.S.P?
Revlon or Almay?
NYC or Wet n' wild?
pure ice or Essie?
Jordan or Nike
Timberland or Red Wing?
Apple bottom or Baby phat?
Bath & Body works or Victorias secret?
Jc Penny or Walmart?
Food time!!!
sausage or bacon?
flaky biscuits or home made?
biscuits and gravy or toast and jam?
peanut butter or jelly?
salad or veggie soup?
peppers or pickles?
ice cream or chocolates?
steak or chicken?
shrimp or fish?
chicken nuggets or fish sticks?
grilled or baked?
onion rings or french fries?
turkey or ham?
ketup or mayo or mustard?
army or navy?
forks or spoons?
weed or cigarettes or none?
macaroni or bowties?
sweet, sour, salty or bitter
more random.
Dance or Play?
Run or Jog?
spotifiy or pandora?
new or used
bright or dull?
nice or great?
fan or A.C
hugs or kisses?
single or taken
thanks for taking my survey. be happy