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Author: dishwallafied
Created: June 8, 2014
Taken: 92 times
Rated: G

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Rhyming Randomness

Created by dishwallafied and taken 92 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever drank ale?
Do you know how to use Braille?
Do you know anyone named Dale?
Do you like the name Gale?
Have you ever been to jail?
Have you ever eaten Kale?
Are you female or male?
Do you bite your nails?
Is your skin pale?
Have you ever seen a Quail (the bird)?
When you use stairs, do you usually hold the rail?
Have you ever eaten a snail?
Do you like walking on nature trails?
Have you ever worn a veil?
Have you ever seen a whale (in real life)?
Have you ever been stung by a bee?
Do you know any Tai Chi?
Do you know anyone with the name/nickname Dee?
Are the best things in life really free?
Do you like the show "Glee"?
Has anyone ever kicked you in the knee?
Do you know anyone named Lee?
Have you taken any other surveys made by me?
What movie has the characters 'The Knights who say "Ni"'?
Right now, do you have to pee?
What's a movie you'd like to see?
Have you ever planted a tree?
Have you ever made anything with clay?
Has today been a good day?
Do you like the band The Fray?
Are you wearing anything that's gray?
Have you ever fed a horse hay?
Do you like the name Jay?
Are you more likely to text "Okay", "OK" or just "K"?
Is your birthday in May?
Do you ever pray?
Do you know anyone named Ray?
Do you know anyone named Trey?
Do often pass the blame?
Have you ever called a woman a "dame"?
Would you rather have fortune or fame?
What is your favorite video game?
Do you remember the actor Corey Haim?
What is something you think is lame? (This survey, perhaps? haha)
What's your name?
What is an animal you would like to tame?
Have you ever committed a crime?
In your pocket, do you have a dime?
Do you like the taste of lime?
Have you ever seen a mime (in real life)?
At what age do you think you'll be at your prime?
Do you think it's stupid that I'm making my questions rhyme?
When did you last check the time?
Have you ever gone to a bar?
Do you have a car?
Have you traveled very far?
Do you keep spare change in a jar?
Would you like to go to Mars?
Have you ever wished on a shooting star?
Have you ever drank beer?
What is your dream career?
Have you ever seen a deer (in real life)?
What is your biggest fear?
Have you ever seen the show "Top Gear"?
Right now, what can you hear?
What is you age?
Have you ever kept a pet in a cage?
Have you ever used a tire gauge?
Have you ever been in a fit of rage?
Have you ever performed on stage?
What's your hourly wage? (If you have a job.)
Have you ever seen a bear (in real life)?
Are you currently sitting in a chair?
Have you ever played Truth or Dare?
Do you like to go to the fair?
What color is your hair?
When did you last eat a pear?
Do you like your steak cooked rare?
Do you often curse/swear?
Look! What's that over there?!?!
What is your favorite kind of shoe to wear?
Are you wearing anything that's blue?
Have you ever played the game Clue?
What is your favorite thing in the world to do?
When did you last have the flu?
Have you ever eaten glue?
Are you a Jew?
Have you ever looked at a cow and said
Do you tend to buy clothes used or new?
Do you like Pepe Le Pew?
If you have Netflix, how many items are in your queue?
Do you ever made your own stew?
Are all your answers to these questions true?
Do you like the show
Have you ever been to the zoo?
Alright. I'll stop there. This ended up longer than planned.
This was sort of silly, but I wanted to try something new.
As pointless as it was, I hope you enjoyed it.