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Author: hxcsingingsk8r
Created: December 18, 2014
Taken: 99 times
Rated: G

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The Official Longest This Or That of Girl's Names EVER. You're welcome.

Created by hxcsingingsk8r and taken 99 times on Bzoink
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Girl Names
Abigail or Abby?
Acacia or Ada?
Adalia or Adara?
Addy or Adelaide?
Adison or Adri?
Adrianna or Adrienne?
Agatha or Aggie?
Aislinn or Aiyana?
AJ or Alana?
Aleah or Alesana?
Alex or Alexa?
Alexandra or Alexandria?
Alexia or Alexiana?
Alexis or Alice?
Alicia or Alina?
Alison or Allegra?
Allie or Alyssa?
Alyssia or Amanda?
Amara or Amber?
Amelia or America?
Amri or Amy?
Ana or Anastasia?
Andie or Andrea?
Angel or Angela?
Angelica or Angelina?
Angelique or Angie?
Anissa or Anissia?
Anita or Ann?
Anna or Annabel
Annie or Anya?
April or Aphrodite?
Aqua or Ari?
Aria or Arianna?
Ariel or Ariella?
Arielle or Ashe?
Ashley or Ashlyn?
Aspen or Astrid?
Athena or Aubrey?
Aubria or Aubriana?
Audrey or Audria?
Audrianna or Augusta?
Auria or Autumn?
Avery or Avi?
Aviva or Bailey?
Barb or Barbara?
Barbie or Bari?
Bay or Beatrice?
Bee or Becka?
Becky or Bella?
Belle or Bessie?
Beth or Bethan?
Bethany or Betina?
Betsy or Betty?
Bev or Beverly?
Bianca or Blaire?
Blithe or Bonnie?
Brandi or Brenda?
Brenna or Bri?
Bria or Brianna?
Brianne or Briella?
Brielle or Britney?
Britt or Brittania?
Brooke or Brookelle?
Brynn or Buffy?
Bunny or Caitlin?
Calla or Callie?
Cameryn or Cami?
Camilla or Camille?
Candice or Candy?
Caprice or Cara?
Carina or Carla?
Carmen or Carol?
Caroline or Carolyn?
Carrie or Cassandra?
Cassidy or Cassie?
Cassiopeia or Cece?
Cecelia or Celeste?
Celestina or Celestria?
Celia or Chanel?
Chantelle or Char?
Charlene or Charlotte?
Charmaine or Chelsea?
Cher or Cherry?
Cheryl or Cheyenne?
China or Chloe?
Chris or Christina?
Christine or Christy?
Claire or Clara?
Clarice or Clarissa?
Clary or Claudia?
Colleen or Collette?
Connie or Cora?
Coralee or Coraline?
Cordelia or Cosette?
Cruella or Crystal?
Cyd or Cyndi?
Cynthia or Cyrissa?
Daisy or Dakota?
Dalia or Dana?
Dani or Dania?
Daniella or Danielle?
Daphne or Dara?
Darcy or Darya?
Dawn or Deb?
Debbie or Deborah?
Dee or Deidre?
Delaney or Delia?
Della or Demetria?
Demi or Denise?
Desi or Desiree?
Destiny or Devi?
Devina or Devyn?
Dia or Diana?
Diane or Dina?
Dolly or Donna?
Dora or Doris?
Dorit or Dorothy?
Dory or Dottie?
Drew or Ebony?
Effy or Eileen?
Eily or Eleanor?
Eliana or Elise?
Eliza or Elizabeth?
Ella or Elle?
Ellen or Ellie?
Elsa or Elsie?
Elspeth or Elvira?
Ember or Emeline?
Emily or Emma?
Emmy or Eponine?
Erica or Erin?
Esme or Estee?
Esther or Eugenia?
Eunice or Eva?
Evalina or Evangeline?
Eve or Evee?
Evelyn or Ever?
Faith or Fanny?
Fauna or Faustina?
Fay or Felicia?
Felicity or Fiona?
Flora or Fran?
Francesca or Francia?
Francine or Francis?
Frankie or Gabriella?
Gabrielle or Gaby?
Galleria or Gayle?
Gem or Gemma?
Genesis or Georgia?
Georgina or Ginny?
Giselle or Gloria?
Grace or Gracie?
Greer or Greta?
Gretchen or Gwen?
Gwyneth or Hadley?
Hallie or Hannah?
Hannie or Harley?
Harriette or Hattie?
Hayla or Hayley?
Heather or Heidi?
Helen or Helena?
Henrietta or Hera?
Hermione or Hilary?
Hilda or Holly?
Hope or Hopie?
Hydra or Ianna?
Ida or Idina?
Iggy or India?
Indie or Inez?
Ingrid or Irene?
Irina or Iris?
Isabella or Isabelle?
Isadora or Isla?
Ivana or Ivy?
Izzy or Jacinda?
Jackie or Jada?
Jade or Jaiden?
Jailyn or Jamie?
Jan or Jane?
Jana or Janelle?
Janet or Janette?
Janice or Janie?
Janine or Jasmine?
Jax or Jayla?
Jaylee or Jean?
Jeanie or Jenn?
Jenna or Jennifer?
Jenny or Jerrilyn?
Jerry or Jess?
Jessica or Jessie?
Jetta or Jewel?
Jill or Jillian?
Joan or Joanie?
Joann or Joanna?
Jocelyn or Jody?
Joice or Jojo?
Jolene or Jordana?
Jordyn or Josie?
Joy or Jude?
Judith or Judy?
Julaine or Julia?
Julie or June?
Juniper or Justina?
Justine or Kaelyn?
Kairi or Karli?
Kasey or Kate?
Katherine or Kathleen?
Kathy or Katie?
Katniss or Katrina?
Katt or Kay?
Kaya or Kayla?
Kaylene or Kayley?
Kayloni or Keely?
Kelly or Kelsey?
Kendall or Kendra?
Kenna or Kenzie?
Kia or Kiana?
Kiara or Kiki?
Kim or Kimberly?
Kimmy or Kinzie?
Kiri or Kirianna?
Kirsten or Kitt?
Kitty or Kodi?
Konnor or Kristen?
Kyla or Kylee?
Kylena or Kylene?
Kylia or Kyra?
Lacey or Laila?
Lana or Lane?
Lani or Lara?
Laura or Laurel?
Lauren or Layanie?
Layla or Leah?
Leann or Lee?
Leilani or Lena?
Leona or Leslie?
Leticia or Lexi?
Lexia or Lexis?
Leya or Libby?
Liberty or Lilia?
Lillian or Lillith?
Lilly or Linda?
Lindsey or Lindy?
Lisa or Liv?
Liz or Lizeth?
Lizette or Lizzie?
Lois or Lola?
Lorelai or Lori?
Lorraine or Louann?
Louisa or Louise?
Luca or Lucille?
Lucy or Lynelle?
Lynette or Lynn?
Lyra or Mabel?
Macy or Maddie?
Madeline or Madelynn?
Madison or Maggie?
Magick or Maida?
Makenna or Mallory?
Mandy or Mara?
Marabelle or Margaret?
Margie or Maria?
Marie or Marilyn?
Marina or Marissa?
Marjorie or Mary?
Marybeth or Marykate?
Matilda or Maude?
Maureen or Maury?
Maxine or May?
Maya or Mayra?
Mckenzie or Meg?
Megan or Megara?
Meggie or Mel?
Melanie or Melinda?
Melissa or Melody?
Mercedes or Mia?
Michelle or Mickie?
Midge or Mikayla?
Mila or Miley?
Millie or Minn?
Minnie or Miranda?
Missy or Misty?
Mo or Moira?
Molly or Mona?
Monet or Morgan?
Morgana or Myra?
Mystique or Nadia?
Nadine or Nancy?
Naomi or Nat?
Natalia or Natalie?
Natasha or Naya?
Nellie or Nessa?
Nessie or Nevada?
Nichelle or Nicola?
Nicole or Nicolette?
Nikki or Noah?
Noella or Noelle?
Nora or Noreen?
Nyx or Oceana?
Octavia or Odette?
Odyssey or Olive?
Olivia or Opal?
Paige or Paisley?
Pam or Pamela?
Panda or Pansy?
Paris or Pat?
Patricia or Patty?
Paula or Paulette?
Pauline or Paxton?
Peggy or Penelope?
Penny or Perry?
Peyton or Phoenix?
Phoebe or Pia?
Poe or Polly?
Posey or Presley?
Prim or Primrose?
Priscilla or Promise?
Pyretta or Queen?
Queenie or Rachel?
Raegan or Ramona?
Raquel or Raven?
Rayne or Rebecca?
Reece or Reenie?
Reggie or Regina?
Renee or Ria?
Rihanna or Riley?
Risa or Rochelle?
Ronda or Ronna?
Ronnie or Rory?
Rosa or Rosalie?
Rosanna or Rose?
Rosette or Rosie?
Roxanna or Roxanne?
Roxy or Ruby?
Rue or Ruth?
Ruthie or Ryann?
Sabina or Sabrina?
Sage or Sally?
Sam or Samantha?
Samara or Samaria?
Sammy or Sandi?
Sandra or Sapphira?
Sapphire or Sarah?
Saria or Sasha?
Savannah or Saya?
Scarlett or Selena?
Sequoia or Serena?
Serene or Serenity?
Shae or Shaelynn?
Shannon or Sharlyn?
Sharon or Shaunie?
Shawna or Sheila?
Shelby or Shelly?
Sherrie or Shiloh?
Shira or Sidney?
Sierra or Siobhan?
Sky or Skyla?
Skyler or Sloane?
Sonny or Sonya?
Sookie or Sophia?
Sophie or Stacy?
Star or Steph?
Stephanie or Stephie?
Stevie or Stormy?
Sue or Summer?
Susan or Susie?
Suzanna or Suzanne?
Tabitha or Talia?
Tamara or Tammy?
Tangie or Tanya?
Tanzie or Tara?
Taryn or Tasha?
Tatiana or Tay?
Taylor or Tenley?
Teresa or Terry?
Tess or Tessa?
Thea or Theodora?
Tia or Tiana?
Tiara or Tibby?
Tilly or Tori?
Toria or Tracy?
Trina or Trinity?
Trish or Trisha?
Tyra or Uma?
Ursula or Val?
Valerie or Vanessa?
Vanna or V'Eanna?
Velma or Vera?
Veridiana or Veronica?
Vicky or Victoria?
Vi or Viola?
Violet or Vivian?
Viviana or Wanda?
Wella or Wendy?
Willow or Winona?
Winter or Wren?
Wylie or Wynne?
Xavi or Xina?
Yvette or Yvonna?
Yvonne or Zelda?
Zia or Zianna?
Zoe or Zylee?
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What's your favorite girl's name/s? Were they in here?