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Author: cheddarsox
Created: March 16, 2015
Taken: 81 times
Rated: G

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Be a candy cutie Cupid!

Created by cheddarsox and taken 81 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever lived in a mobile home?
Have you evern had your bedroom in a basement?
Do you think it would be cool to have a lion as a pet?
What do you think about those little dogs that ride in purses and strollers
How many times in the past week have you eaten fast food?
In the house shoes, socks, slippers or bare feet?
Do you consider dogs inside or outside pets?
Do you read books for pleasure?
What\\\'s your favorite piece of furniture in your house?
Have you ever had a crush on a friend\\\'s parent?
Do you prefer carbonated or uncarbonated drinks?
Favorite thing that you can see up in the sky?
would you like if they sold disposable undies in a pop up box?
French fries. Yay or Nay?
Which of your friends has the most annoying sibiling?
wood floors or carpet?
would you rather eat at the table or in your room?
A teacher says she's noticed you've looked sad, do you confide in her?
Friend asks you to hide drugs, booze etc for them, do you do it?
Would you rather have a gooey cinammon bun or awesome cheesy pizza?
Do you like the sound of birds singing when you wake up, or is it annoying?
You fill your best friends Xmas stocking, what do you put in it?
You fill your worst enemies stocking, what do you put in it?
You fill your OWN stocking, what do you put in ti?
If someone gave you a kitten, would you keep it?
What's your ideal activity for a rainy day?
favorite type of cracker
Banana sandwich..yuk or yuck?
animal you like to watch but sort of creeps you out
Have you entered the Lays create a flavor contest?
Bagels or English Muffins?
Do you like or hate to buy new shoes?
Do you keep your phone on you at all times or forget it a lot
Who is a family member you look forward to seeing on a holiday?
Are Easter baskets only for kids?
Do you do anything to recognize St Patrick's Day?
Do you think nutcracker figurines are creepy or cool?
Speaking of nuts, do you like them?
Favorite TV show as a kid
What do you do when you are nervous?
Is there a turntable and vinyl records in your house?
Does your family have an SUV or pick up truck?
Do you enjoy doing things outdoors?
Do you like to daydream about sex?
Which of your parents do you laugh more with?
Have you ever been to an open casket wake or funeral?
Would you like to get married one day?
Who mows the lawn at your house?
Where do you keep your phone at night?
Do you feel comfortable asking your parents or grandparents for money?
What's the last thing you lost?
If you could have your own car or an apt which would you choose
Have you ever experienced buyer's remorse over an expensive purchase?
Last time you hid, and why
how do you like your eggs?
after a date do you call your friend to tell them how it went?
Favorite Mexican food?
favorite thing to eat with a spoon?
upcoming event you are dreading?
Best Happy Meal toy you ever got
Do you make lists?
Do you make pro/con lists before making a decision?
Do you have a favorite pen? What kind?
What's the best meal you cook?
Do you do more surveys during the day or night?
on lunch break do you eat or do other things?
Smoothies? Bubble tea? Fancy coffe? none of the above?
do you like romantic gestures or do they make you feel awkward?
Five things you need to throw out
do you like the toilet paper your family uses?
Just shampoo, or shampoo + conditioner?
scariest driver you've ridden with
have you, do you plan to go to college?
do you write in cursive