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Author: cheddarsox
Created: March 16, 2015
Taken: 74 times
Rated: G

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For skittles and giggles, in other words...just for fun

Created by cheddarsox and taken 74 times on Bzoink
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In the morning...
Is there usually a text message waiting for you?
Do you set your alarm early so you can lay in bed awhile?
Shower? or save it for later?
First person you usually see?
Pick out clothes or did it the night before?
Do you go over your plans for the day in your head?
Spend any time with a pet?
Moan and groan or get up ready to face the day?
Put music on?
Facebook, Myspace or Twitter to start the day?
Friends, lovers, acquaintances
Do you have more than one best friend?
Do you know anyone who legitimately is mentally ill?
Anyone who is always taking food from you?
Anyone you snitch food from?
Right now, would you rather be single or in a relationship?
Have you ever run interference between a friend and someone they liked?
Boyfriend's mom asks you to go to church with their family, do you go?
do you say "love you" to any of your friends (not boyfriend)
Did you feel good or awkward if opposite sex says I love you?
did anyone ever ask for your number then never call?
Do you go out for ice cream with your friends?
Do you ever hang out with a parent for fun?
Is your SO comfortable around your parents?
Are your friends comfortable around your parents?
anyone who acts like they want to be your friend that you are avoiding?
When you are mad at a friend do you straight out tell them?
anyone you feel is trying to avoid you right now?
How did you meet your newest friend?
Have you ever been talked into doing something really uncomfortable?
Do you keep notes your friends write you?
Who's the last person you called "stupid" or said was stupid
Oh no, I HATE when this happens
Last time you stepped in doggie doo
Burped in public
had someone fart in front of you and it be really awkward
someone tells you a secret and you don't know what to say
wanted to cancel on a friend and didn't know how
spilled something on someone
ruined a favorite piece of clothing
cried when you tried not to
did something stupid while driving with a passenger
mistook someone and talked to them thinking they were a friend
Had a friend's parent ask something embarrassing
drooled on your pillow
burned your tongue
Something you lie about?
What do you lie about liking?
What do you lie about DISliking?
to make a friend feel better?
To get out of doing something with a friend?
if you like someone and don't want to admit it?
To a teacher? why?
To a friend's parent? Why?
last time you lied via text?
Last time you TRIED to lie to yourself?
have you ever told someone you loved them but you were lying?
broke something and lied about it?
the most supreme lie you remember telling when you were a little kid?
Something you lied about done..like skiing, seeing a movie, etc
Have you ever lied about something sexual you did or didn't do?
Lied about how you spent some money?
Lied about having your feelings hurt?
The truth can hurt or heal
Name a time you said the truth and someone got hurt
last time someone said the truth to you, and you were relieved
Time you came clean with the truth and felt SO much better?
someone you ALWAYS tell the truth to
person you are most likely to fudge the truth with
have you ever kept someone's secret for ever?
Have you ever has someone divulge a secret you shared with them?
do you have something you with you could tell the truth about?
Do you feel there is someone who is witholding the truth from you now?
Getting silly and liking it!
Are you the one in your group who gets people laughing?
Do you like stupid jokes?
Dirty jokes?
Do you have a lot of inside jokes with friends?
Are they mostly silly, or dirty?
Which relative makes you laugh the most?
What do they do that makes you laugh?
Do you have a pet that makes you laugh?
Do you find sit coms to actually be funny?
Which pop song lately has made you laugh?
Anyone ever tell you you were funny and you have no idea why?
Last time you burst out laughing and realized no one else was?
when did you last laugh when something bad happened to someone?
Laughed at yourself for doing something dumb?
The day comes to an end
Last thing you do before you turn out the light?
anyone you send a good night text to?
bedtime snack?
do you go to sleep with music on?
is your homework, work done or will you finish it in the morning?
do you sleep with socks on?
does a pet sleep in your room?
are you the last one to go to sleep in your house?
all the lights off? or a nightlight on?
hard to fall asleep or easy?
Good night!

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