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Author: chasingghosts
Created: May 16, 2015
Taken: 192 times
Rated: G

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True or false?

Created by chasingghosts and taken 192 times on Bzoink
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Completely random questions, enjoy.
Your first name begins with the letter N.
Your middle name begins with the letter D.
Your last name begins with the letter S.
You were named after someone.
Your hair is blonde.
Your eyes are brown.
You’re a female.
You’re younger than 18.
Your star sign is Libra.
You were born in New England.
You were born in the same state live in now.
You have three sisters.
You have one brother.
Your parents are still married.
You’re currently wearing a striped shirt.
You drive a white car.
You’ve graduated from high school.
You work at a grocery store/supermarket.
You’re single.
You have one or more pet dogs.
You have more than one best friend.
Your best friend’s name begins with the letter B.
Your best friend is bisexual.
Your favourite colour is green.
Your first kiss was with someone older than you.
You’ve been to New York City.
You’ve been scuba-diving.
You’ve never ridden a bicycle.
You have a crush on somebody.
Your favourite flavour of ice cream is chocolate.
You prefer tea over coffee.
You don’t have any baby teeth left.
You can do a handstand.
You’re a good speller.
You don’t like vegetables.
Your favourite fruit is peaches.
You’re a virgin.
You’re scared of spiders.
You’re not scared of snakes.
You live in the suburbs.
You live in a capital city.
You like to play video games.
You’ve never been in an ambulance.
You’ve had to call 911 (or another emergency line).
You’ve worked as a pizza delivery person.
You’ve already had your birthday this year.
Your favourite animal is a giraffe.
You’re currently very tired.
You sleep naked.
You wear socks to bed.
You shower twice or more per day.
Your skin gets very dry.
You have oily hair.
You like to have long fingernails.
You play baseball.
You call your teachers by their first names.
You liked this survey.