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Author: chasingghosts
Created: June 19, 2015
Taken: 191 times
Rated: G

I don't give a damn 'bout my reputation. (Are we alike?)

Created by chasingghosts and taken 191 times on Bzoink
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You live in a capital city.
You live in an apartment.
You live with a roommate.
You drive your own car.
You know how to ride a motorbike.
You have a motorbike license.
You’ve crashed a car.
You’ve crashed a motorbike.
You are twenty years old.
You have half-siblings.
You’ve been cheated on.
You don’t want a relationship right now.
You’ve broken bones in your face.
You’ve had stitches.
You don’t wear a lot of colours.
You never wear open-toed shoes.
You prefer shopping in person so you can try clothes on.
You buy most of your clothes online for convenience.
One of your favourite vegetables is broccoli.
One of your favourite fruits is pear.
You’ve volunteered for a concert or festival.
You aren’t too good at drawing or painting.
You are good at colouring, though.
You always seem to have cuts on your hands.
You almost always have two jobs.
You’ve had a lot of jobs throughout your life.
You love superheroes.
Daredevil is your favourite Marvel superhero.
You think Marvel is better than DC.
You watch a lot of movies and tv shows.
You’ve been high on marijuana, but you don’t like it.
You feel that drumming is what you were born to do.
You live in a place where light pollution prevents you from seeing stars.
You had head lice several times when you were a kid.
You hated gym class in school, but like being active.
You get bored very quickly if you don’t have anything to keep you occupie
ou know how to edit and master music tracks.
You eat more meatless meals than meat ones.
Dark chocolate is your kryptonite.
You collect keychains.
You want to earn a Bachelor’s degree.
You often have issues with your back.
You find yourself daydreaming about random stuff a lot.
You smoke and wish you could quit once and for all.
Your smoking habits have pissed off people you love and care about.
You have a pet dog.
You really value your sleep and can sleep for long periods at a time.
You are good at keeping track of things in your own head.
You’re proud of your own achievements.
You live a comfortable life and you’re happy.