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Author: n0b0dysp3rf3ct
Created: July 31, 2015
Taken: 161 times
Rated: PG

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Are we at all alike?

Created by n0b0dysp3rf3ct and taken 161 times on Bzoink
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So are we at all alike?
I am female.
I have brown hair.
I have green eyes.
I have no tattoos
... but I may get some in the future?
I don't have my ears pierced
... but I used to?
I have a variety of music tastes.
My parents are still together.
I have 2 siblings.
I can't drive.
I can swim.
I have an iphone.
I like to listen to music.
thriller books are my favourite.
I'm in a long term relationship.
I am engaged.
I don't usually wear makeup.
I have low self esteem.
I like nearly all animals.
I have a child.
I am pregnant right now.
I don't have any video game systems.
I don't like my picture being taken.
I like taking photos of nature.
I have hayfever.
I am quite sarcastic.
I have quite a good sense of humour.
My hair is straight.
I dislike arrogance.
My name begins with S.
My favourite number is 3.
I don't knowany other language fluently.
I am in my mid 20s.
My birthday is in January.
I like learning new things.
I enjoy crosswords and word puzzles.
I am quite pale.
I have been to over 10 countries in my life.
My favourite season is either Spring or Summer.
I quite like spooky things.
My current favourite TV show is Supernatural.
I am quite talkative but only in small groups.
I like most fruits.
I rarely drink alcohol.
I don't smoke.
I enjoy long, scenic walks.
My favourite colour is purple or blue
I don't like screamo music.
I have more male friends than female.