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Author: n0b0dysp3rf3ct
Created: August 13, 2015
Taken: 117 times
Rated: PG

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Created by n0b0dysp3rf3ct and taken 117 times on Bzoink
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Attempted an Australian accent?
Bought brown boots?
Caught a crab?
Drove a digger?
Eaten enchiladas?
Faced a fierce animal?
Got your fingers stuck together with glue?
Had your hair highlighted?
Are Italian icecream?
Jacked a Jaguar car?
Kissed a kittens nose?
Lost your luggage?
Messaged your Mum instead of a friend?
Wrote a nice note to your crush/S.O?
Had an outpatient operation?
Purchased a Polaroid camera?
Quoted a Quentin Tarentino film?
Read a romance novel?
Saw a starfish in the sea?
Trained a pet to do tricks?
Un friended some unfriendly on Facebook?
Played the viola or violin?
Watched a war movie?
Watched the X Files back to back?
Had a yoyo when younger?
Killed zombies on Zelda?
Searched for a celebrity on Facebook?
Forgot to put underwear on before leaving the house?
Bought yourself a new phone?
Looked after someone else's pet?
Broke multiple bones at the same time?
Had chewing gum in your hair?
Knocked on a strangers door?
Called the wrong number twice?
Accidentally turned your fridge off?
Lit a candle other than for a birthday cake?
Made a homemade card past school age?
Took in a stray?
Wrote your own alternate lyrics to a song?
Taken a ride on a ferry?
Drove a tractor?
Made someone a birthday cake?
Gave someone some good advice?
Cashed I a cheque?
Had an unusual pet?