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About This Survey

Author: chasingghosts
Created: August 29, 2015
Taken: 57 times
Rated: PG

When I’m plagued with pain and filled with fear, I run to you and you alone (Another friends surve

Created by chasingghosts and taken 57 times on Bzoink
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What’s the most annoying thing this person does?
Has this person ever given you advice when all else seemed hopeless?
What is this person’s favourite genre of music?
When was the last time you saw this person?
Does this person always have a positive outlook on life?
True or false: you’ve worked closely with this person.
What colour hair does this person have?
Does this person ever recommend music for you?
Has this person ever taught you anything useful or important?
Have you ever had a deep and meaningful conversation with this person?
True or false: you knew this person online before you met them in person.
What are this person’s hobbies and interests? Do you join them in any?
Does this person have any tattoos? Which one is your favourite?
Does this person have a sense of humour that you enjoy?
How often do you talk to this person?
Has this person ever slept over at your house?
Do you engage in a lot of political/religious arguments with this person?
Do you love this person unconditionally, no matter what?
What is this person’s passion in life?
Does this person have any children or step-children?
What pets does this person have? What are their names?
Do you know the last vacation this person went on? Where did they go?
Is this person newly married or engaged?
How long have you known this person?
Does this person play any instruments?
Is this person in a long-term relationship?
How far away does this person live?
Is this person extroverted or introverted?
True or false: you’ve been told you share a resemblance with this person.
What colour eyes does this person have?
What is this person’s favourite movie or TV show?
How well do you think you know this person?
Has this person ever inspired you in any way?
How does this person style their hair and/or facial hair?
Does this person annoy you often?
What is this person’s favourite band?
What’s the funniest thing this person has ever done/said?
Do you idolise this person and their talents?
Where was the last place you went with this person?
True or false: you have mutual friends with this person.
True or false: you haven’t known this person for a long time.
Do you find yourself physically attracted to this person?
What does this person do for a living?
Do you have a lot in common with this person?
Have you ever kissed this person? If so, how was it?
Does this person get along with other people well?
Where was this person born?
Is this person taller or shorter than you? By how much?
Is this person more mathematical or creative?
Does this person have a distinct fashion style that you can describe?
Where does this person study and/or work?
When was the last time you texted this person? What did you say?
Do you have any romantic or sexual feelings for this person?
Does this person have any siblings? How many and what are their names?
Do you know this person on a deep spiritual level?
Where is this person currently?
True or false: you’ve lived with (or currently live with) this person.
Has this person ever taken a photo of you?
Why are you friends with this person?
Give me five words that describe this person’s personality.
Have you ever worked with this person? Where?
Has this person ever seen you naked, intentionally or not?
How often do you text or call this person?
Is this person someone you feel comfortable with everyday?
Is this person a partner of any of your other friends?
Does this person work? Do they like their job?
Describe this person’s appearance.
Would you say you love this person? Why or why not?
Does this person have any interesting hobbies? What are they?
Do you see this person at least once a week?
What’s your favourite thing about this person?
What sort of car does this person drive, if they do at all?
How often do you get to see this person?
Do you feel this person is destined for greatness but is just timid/shy?
How long is this person’s hair?
Does this person know your deepest, darkest secrets?
Does this person live in a city or a smaller town?
Are you older or younger than this person? By how much?
How did you meet this person?
Does this person name inanimate objects like cars and bottles?