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Author: clairelouise80s
Created: September 20, 2015
Taken: 114 times
Rated: PG

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Are we alike? :)

Created by clairelouise80s and taken 114 times on Bzoink
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You're a girl:
You're 17:
You live in the UK:
Wales to be exact:
You were born in May:
You have blue eyes:
You have blonde hair:
You dye your hair:
You have dyed your hair unnatural colours:
You wear glasses:
You are petite/short:
You are slim and athletic:
You are a Gemini:
You don't have a best friend anymore:
You are in/did go to college/further education:
You didn't like school:
You are unemployed:
You can't drive yet:
You wear makeup:
You're not very popular:
But you once was:
You're quite shy:
You are pale:
You love exercising/fitness:
You love to look after your health:
You love fashion/style/makeup:
You study/studied health in college:
You want to be/are a fitness trainer:
You weren't good at Science in school:
You did great in Music/Arts in school:
You have few friends, but lots of acquantices:
Your favourite colour is Red:
Your favourite drink is Hot Chocolate:
Your favourite genre of music is House:
You listen to a wide variety of music:
You have a cat/s:
You have a dog:
You have had a lot of pets:
You've never moved house:
Your parents are not together anymore:
You have 1 sibling:
An older brother to be exact:
You don't smoke, but you used to:
You only drink on occasions:
You can be very lazy:
You eat a lot of food, but don't put on weight:
You can be quite awkward:
You're agnostic:
You are quite girly:
You can play the piano:
You want to play the guitar:
You have long hair:
You like ice cream:
Johnny Depp is your favourite actor:
Audrey Hepburn is your favourite actress:
You love reading:
You love writing:
You love singing:
You love dancing:
You love high heels and dresses:
You are in a relationship:
You have been in a relationship for nearly a year:
You have been cheated on:
You have never cheated:
And you never will:
You've had lots of crushes:
You've had quite a few relationships:
You're bisexual:
You've been in a relationship with the same sex:
You've mostly dated people older than you:
You've never taken drugs:
You're not a virgin:
You like American Horror Story:
You also like Orange is the New Black:
You love your friends and family:
You like your music loud:
You have an Android phone:
You have facebook and or Instagram:
You love drawing:
You like Harry Potter:
You prefer comedy films over any others:
You're bored:
You're on a laptop:
You love Scotland:
You want to go to University:
Either in Wales or Scotland:
You like Green Day:
You like Queen:
You only have your ears pierced:
You want more piercings/tattoos:
You try to be happy and optimistic:
Life hasn't been too good so far:
You actually like Justin Bieber:
You appreciate beauty:
You like parties:
You've done something illegal:
You like to take pictures:
^ Of yourself a lot aswell:
You're quite vain:
But you don't think you're very pretty:
You actually hate how you look:
But you love your figure/body:
You always wear high heels/boots:
You have a lot of posters in your room:
You're still friends with a lot of exes:
One of your closest friends is actually an ex aswell:
You miss someone a lot:
It's night time:
You're getting tired:
Im gonna go, bye :)