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Author: joybucket
Created: October 13, 2015
Taken: 57 times
Rated: G

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Are you like me? part two

Created by joybucket and taken 57 times on Bzoink
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You like learning new things.
You like getting to know people.
You wish someone would want to get to know you.
You have a crush on someone right now.
You consider yourself feminine, but not girly.
You like dressing up on Halloween.
Junk food gives you headaches and makes you feel lousy.
You hate it when guys hit on you.
You hate conversations that make you feel lonely afterward.
You don't understand why most people aren't living right.
You are longing for a friend.
You never wear black because it doesn't look good on you.
You enjoy every season and most all kinds of weather.
You enjoy camping.
You have a lot of emotional pain.
Your birthday is in November.
You are older inside than you look on the outside.
....and you wish people could see the real you
You look significantly younger than you are.
You get cravings for dessert sometimes.
You enjoy eating healthy.
Your parents don't accept you for who you are.
Your parents are controlling and try to force their views on you.
Your parents disowned you.
You've been punished for doing right.
You don't understand why most people don't accept you.
You don't tell your family everything...
...because you don't want them to be disappointed in you.
You don't know who you can trust.
You don't really trust anyone.
You feel neglected.
You've had a crush on a teacher.
You are unique.
You're not very popular.
You wish that people would stop acting like know-it-alls.
You wish that someone would honor you and accept you as a human being.
You don't feel like you are worth anything to anyone.
...except Jesus
You feel empty inside.
...and nobody knows this about you
You've told someone you were near suicidal, and they didn't care.
You've had a friend break up with you.
...because she was jealous of you
...and thought you were gay
You wish that so many people didn't act like know-it-alls.
You like yourself.
You find cleaning and organizing very challenging.
You like life.
You are blessed.
You are very thankful for life.
...but you have bad days when you consider ending it
You're not heterosexual/straight.
You stand out from the crowd.
You feel like you are two different people.
You can sing.
You were always one of the most intelligent ones in your class.
You feel overlooked.
You have hope.
You have big dreams for your future.
You have nobody to listen to you and wish that you had someone.
Your room is very colorful.
Your room is a mess.
You don't feel loved.
You want to be loved.
You wish you could travel more.
You wish you had a time machine.
...and a money tree
....and a teleportation device
You are different.
You have a lot of gifts.
You are spiritual.
You have a lot of spiritual gifts.
You feel de-valued.
You know that you are significant.
You are passionate about something.