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Author: krissyw1993
Created: October 24, 2015
Taken: 44 times
Rated: R

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Pick and Choose

Created by krissyw1993 and taken 44 times on Bzoink
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Ice cream or Popsicle
Chocolate or Vanilla
Hamburger or Hotdog
Pizza or Calzone
Broccoli or Asparagus
Apple or Banana
Spaghetti or Ravioli
Soup or Salad
Garlic Bread or Cheese Sticks
Cake or Cookies
Kool-Aid or Lemonade
Apple Juice or Grape Juice
Sprite or 7Up
Coke or Pepsi
Flavored Water or Water
Milk or Almond Milk
Cream Soda or Root Beer
Mountain Dew or Mellow Yellow
Coffee or Tea
Milkshake or Smoothie
Jolly Ranchers or Starbursts
Twizzlers or Red Vines
Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms
Kit Kat or Twix
Three Musketeers or Milky Way
Zero Bar or Snickers
Skittles or M&Ms
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup or Reese's Pieces
Big Red or Juicy Fruit
Nerds or Nerds Rope
Mcdonald's or Burger King
Taco Bell or Chipotle
Olive Garden or Panera Bread
Arby's or Wendy's
KFC or Popeye's
Panda Express or Chik Fil A
Pizza Hut or Domino's
Waffle House or Denny's
Golden Corral or Ryan's
Subway or Quiznos
Walmart or Target
Sears or JC Penney
Hot Topic or Spencer's
Victoria's Secret or Bath and Body Works
Hollister or American Eagle
Kmart or Gabes
Aeropostale or Abercrombie
Gamestop or FYE
Dollar Tree or Dollar General
Claire's or Debs
Shorts or Skirts
Real Bra or Sports Bra
Tube Top or Tank Top
Tennis Shoes or Flip Flops
Jeans or Sweatpants
Panties or Thongs
Tights or Leggings
Hoodies or Jackets
Footsie Pajamas or Regular Pajamas
Bikini or One Piece
Purse or Clutch
Necklace or Choker
Glasses or Contacts
Lip Ring or Tongue Ring
Rings or Bracelets
Nose Piercing or Septum
Anklet or Toe Ring
Nipple Piercing or Belly Button Piercing
Hoops or Studs
Gold or Silver
TV Shows
The Walking Dead or Fear the Walking Dead
House Hunters or Tiny House Hunters
Flip or Flop or Love it or List it
Rugrats or Hey Arnold
The Voice or America's Got Talent
The Real World or Big Brother
Law and Order:SVU or Law and Order Criminal Intent
Catfish or Teen Mom
Criminal Minds or NCIS
Pretty Little Liars or Teen Wolf
Unfriended or Paranormal Activity
Halloween or Nightmare on Elm Street
Vampires Suck or Twilight
Tangled or Frozen
Old Poltergeist or New Poltergeist
Breaking Dawn Part 1 or Breaking Dawn Part 2
New Moon or Eclipse
Dawn of the Dead or Zombieland
Despicable Me or Minions
Annabelle or Child's Play
Tobuscus or Pewdiepie
IJustine or Jenna Marbles
Markiplier or Onision
Alonzo Lerone or Fresh Prince Yuup
Buzzfeed or Buzzfeed Video
Grav3yardgirl or Ciaoobelllaxo
KClovesgaming or ZackScottGames
Good Mythical Morning or UhOhBro
ThreadBanger or LauraDIY
Elly Awesome and Cheeky Tam
Video Games
Minecraft or Terraria
Call of Duty Ghost or Call of Duty Black Ops
Mortal Kombat or Super Smash Bros
Sims 3 or Sims 4
Mario or Sonic
Grand Theft Auto Vice City or GTA5
Five Nights at Freddy's 1 or Five Nights at Freddy's 2
Mario Party 7 or Mario Party 8
Mario Kart Double Dash or Mario Kart 8
Plants vs Zombies or Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare
Country or Rock
Avenged Sevenfold or Slipknot
Blake Shelton or Adam Levine
Christina Aguilera or Gwen Stefani
Usher or Pharrell Williams
Carrie Underwood or Miranda Lambert
Pop or Hip Hop
Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande
Sugar by Maroon 5 or Payphone by Maroon 5
Bad Blood or Shake it off
Penis or Vagina
Bisexual or Straight
Gay or Lesbian
Oral or Handjob
Condoms or The Pill
Anal or Vaginal
Car or Bedroom
Doggy Style or Cowgirl
Hairy Balls or Smooth Balls
Rough or Kinky
Cats or Dogs
Red or Purple
Blonde Hair or Brown Hair
Math or Science
Weed or Cigarettes
Pads or Tampons
Ass farts or Queefs
Justin or Tyler
Amanda or Krissy
Chevy or Ford