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Author: livelaughlove05
Created: November 12, 2015
Taken: 156 times
Rated: G

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All things I have done! (Have you ever?)

Created by livelaughlove05 and taken 156 times on Bzoink
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Slept in a tent
Ate frog legs
Lost a tooth before age 5
Traveled out of the country before age 10
Traveled out of the country at all
Ridden on an airplane
Ridden on a train
Ridden in a limo
Drove a truck
Drove a car
Taken a spontaneous midnight drive
Slept over at your boyfriend/girlfriends house
Had divorced parents
Had stepparents
Had half-siblings
Drank under age
Been to NYC
Seen a live musical
Seen a musical on Broadway
Seen a musical on the West End
Been to London
Been to British Columbia
Been on a cruise
Stayed overnight in a hospital
Been rushed to the emergency room
Watched family guy
Spent hours watching tv
Spent hours watching movies
Seen Star Wars
Seen The Hobbit movies
Seen an episode or two of Dr. Who
Lived in a dorm
Lived with roommates
Gotten in trouble with your boyfriend/girlfriend
Prank called someone
Known was *67 means
Sucked helium out of a balloon to talk funny
Drank soda
Drank alcohol underage
Smoked a cigarette
Smoked weed
Pretended to be sick
Skipped school
Gone to church
Been a Christian
Been an Agnostic
Had plans to travel to Asia
Wanted to help people in third world countries
Donated to charity
Changed someone's life
Had someone change your life
Had a dog
Had fish
Had hermit crabs
Broke more than one bone
Stayed in bed all day
Took prescription medication that wasn't yours
Wished on a shooting star
Slept in a cabin
Been camping
Loved the outdoors
Seen the Grand Canyon
Seen Big Ben
Been to the Mall of America
Swam in the ocean
Been to both of the American coasts
Hated sushi
Hated seafood altogether
Graduated high school
Enrolled in college
Enjoyed history
Enjoyed English
Hated math
Hated science
Attended a charter school
Taken a road trip
Been broke
Had a big family
Tripped going down the stairs
Tripped going up the stairs
Played board games
Had an iphone
Had a slide out phone
Loved Christmas
Liked summer the best out of the seasons
Watched your boyfriend play video games
Skinned something on your body
Gotten a piercing other than your ears
Been to a fair
Been to Six Flags
Been to Disneyland
Been to Hollywood
Given a speech
Sang in front of people
Performed in color guard
Took dance classes
Gotten a black belt in karate
Had more than one surgery
Burned your hair with an iron
Hated cake
Dated someone that was abusive
Slept with the covers on every night
Got good grades in school
Gone on a missions trip
Owned a Wii
Owned a GameCube
Been in choir
Been on the debate team
Eaten venison
Blamed someone else for something you did
Shoplifted something small
Went shopping on Black Friday
Believed in Santa Claus
Played spin the bottle
Loved monkeys
Been obsessed with the color pink
Watched Les Miserables
Liked music from a decade before you were born
Owned a VHS player
Knew some of your family origins
Studied various reilgions
Planned on becoming a doctor of some sort
Eaten candy for breakfast
Eaten breakfast food for dinner
Liked coffee more than tea
Danced in the rain
Procrastinated on writing a paper to the last minute
Had a terrible immune system