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Author: chasingghosts
Created: January 16, 2016
Taken: 191 times
Rated: R

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I need to rid myself of resentment and every last bit of it. (Have you ever?)

Created by chasingghosts and taken 191 times on Bzoink
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Have you ever...
Thrown food at someone in the cinema?
Had your teeth professionally whitened?
Made your own freshly-squeezed juice at home?
Been caught gossiping about a friend?
Caught someone gossiping about you?
Grown facial hair?
Waxed hair off your face?
Worn gladiator sandals?
Driven a Toyota?
Thrown up in a public place?
Thrown up while drunk?
Had sex in a public place?
Been caught having sex in a public place?
Seen all the Star Wars films?
Cooked dinner for your family?
Rescued a stray animal?
Broken a pair of reading glasses?
Been in a car accident?
Had a professional massage?
Collected anything?
Dumped somebody you didn't want to break up with?
Been cheated on?
Worn a denim jacket?
Slept in your car?
Met someone famous and gotten an autograph?
Been to a dress-up party?
Had a one night stand?
Had a crush on a friend's brother or sister?
Been to a karaoke bar?
Moved houses all by yourself?
Paid for someone else to go on holiday with you?
Had sex standing up?
Been to a music festival?
Had a shape burned into your skin when sunburnt?
Been in a wedding party?
Been a sales representative for something like Tupperware?
Done the ALS ice bucket challenge?
Hit an animal with your car?
Dyed your hair an unnatural colour?
Been in a physical fight with someone?
Been to Asia?
Broken any bones?
Smoked marijuana?
Taken ecstasy or MDMA?
Worn a push-up bra?
Been to a wild house party?
Ridden horseback?
Planted your own herbs?
Had a crush on someone of the same sex?
Taken a ride to the hospital in an ambulance?
Been friends with someone who had a physical disability?
Played golf while drunk?
Been to a Greek wedding?
Had sex in a shower?
Been kicked out of a bar or similar venue?
Been denied entry to a bar or similar venue?
Worn a crazy costume out in public?
Been engaged?
Talked to a significant other about getting married one day?
Been a delivery driver?
Taken the morning after pill?
Been tested for STIs?
Received a hickey?
Given someone a hickey?
Had a very strong yet unrequited crush on someone?
Kissed someone who had a boyfriend or girlfriend?
Thrown up in a toilet?
Driven a Volkswagen?
Worked as a waiter?
Had very short hair?
Been to a party with an open bar?
Lied about your name?
Lied about your age?
Given someone a fake phone number?
Been given a fake phone number?
Worn faux fur?
Read a pregnancy book?
Worked at a fundraising event?
Thrown a party at your house?
Spent a night in the hospital?