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Author: lilprincess
Created: January 20, 2016
Taken: 82 times
Rated: G

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This Or That (With 173 Questions About Various Topics)

Created by lilprincess and taken 82 times on Bzoink
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here or there?
me or you?
us or them?
they're or their?
exact opposite or exact same?
original version or remake?
prequel or sequel?
spotlight or limelight?
fame or fortune?
a lot of money or great sex?
having no kids or 8 kids?
square or rectangular?
oval or octagonal?
hearts or polka-dots?
horizontal stripes or vertical stripes?
the moon or the stars?
planet Mars or planet Venus?
astronomy or astrology?
New York or Paris?
Dublin or London?
Rome or Athens?
Berlin or Amsterdam?
L.A. or San Francisco?
Chicago or Miami?
Boston or Washington DC?
Berlin or Moscow?
Hong Kong or Tokyo?
Mexico City or Rio de Janeiro?
Toronto or Vancouver?
geography or geology?
topography or weather?
zoology or botany?
high school or college?
learning or teaching?
honor roll student or top athlete?
the 'rebel' or 'teachers' pet?
stand out in crowd or blend in with everyone?
social labels or 'no' social labels?
school nurse or school psychologist?
Foreign Language or Sign Language?
Romance Languages or East Asian Languages?
China or Japan?
Japan or Korea?
Vietnam or Thailand?
Communism or Neo-Fascism?
Anarchy or Constitutional Monarchy?
Religion or Politics?
Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?
Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?
Pro-Gun or Anti-Gun?
Very wealthy but stupid,or impoverished but intelligent?
The White House or Capitol Building?
Buckingham Palace or The Kremlin?
Eiffel Tower or The Leaning Tower of Pisa?
Big Ben or The Vatican cathedral?
Stonehenge or The Parthenon?
The Great Wall of China or The Taj Mahal?
Egyptian Pyramids or Venetian Canals?
New York's Times Square or Paris' Champs-Elysees
The Grand Canyon or Mount Fuji?
Amazon or Nile River?
Sahara Desert or Gobe Desert?
Hoover Dam or Niagara Falls?
Man-Made or Nature-Made?
Planting a tree or planting flowers?
Roses or tulips?
Lilac or lavender?
Sunflowers or daisies?
Orchids or Lilies?
Maple tree or pine tree?
Palm tree or blossom tree?
The ocean or lake?
Pond or river?
Natural body of water or Not?
(For a swimming pool): Chlorine or Non-Chlorine?
Pebble or Boulder?
High-Dive or Low Cannon-ball?
Deep-sea diving or hand gliding?
Tight rope walking or parachute jumping?
Scuba diving or hot air ballooning?
Helicopter ride or submarine ride?
Private jet flight or 1st-class ocean cruise?
Traveling by aircraft or by boat?
10-mile walk or 5-mile bicycle ride?
Cross-country biking or track biking?
Cross-country skiing or Alpine (downhill) skiing?
Bobsledding or Luging?
Figure skating or speed-skating?
Ice hockey or field hockey?
Winter Olympics or Summer Olympics?
Track and Field or Gymnastics?
Tennis or Football/Soccer?
Basketball or Volleyball?
Beach volleyball or indoor volleyball?
Table tennis or badminton?
Coach/ manager or pro athlete?
Coach/ manager or judge?
Athletic or non-athletic?
Playing sports or watching them?
Watching sporting events LIVE or on TV/ online?
Premium cable with 500+ channels or high-speed, virus-free Internet?
Comedy Central or The Food Network?
National Geographic Channel or The Discovery Channel?
The Travel Channel or The History Channel?
MTV or Fuse?
Nick at Nite or The Cartoon Network?
The Oprah Winfrey Network or Lifetime?
The Disney Channel or HBO?
Starz or Cinemax?
ESPN or The Universal Sports Channel?
BBC World News or NPR (Nat'l Public Radio) ?
A portable TV set or flat-screen TV?
Smartphone or Android?
iPod Nano or iPod Touch?
Stereo sound system or record turntable?
Microsoft or Apple?
Cable or satellite dish?
Tech -savvy or tech 'novice'?
Microwave or conventional oven?
Cooking by microwave or cooking stovetop/ in oven?
Refrigerator or pantry?
Freezer or portable cooler?
Gas burner or electric burner?
Stainless-steel refrigerator or non- ?
Round dining table or square one?
Tile, hardwood or carpet floors?
Non-stick frying pan or slow-cooker?
Home-cooked meals or dining out/ take-out?
Eggs or cereal (for breakfast)?
Scrambled eggs or hard-boiled eggs?
The white part or the yolk?
Oatmeal or cream of wheat?
Shredded wheat or Granola?
Multi-Grain Cheerios or Honey-Nut Cheerios?
Fruit Loops or Apple Jacks?
Fruity Pebbles or Cocoa Krispies?
Cap'n Crunch or Cinnamon Toast Crunch?
Pancakes or waffles?
Chocolate chip pancakes or berry pancakes?
Buttermilk pancakes or Banana pancakes?
iHop or Denny's?
Skim milk or whole milk?
Dairy milk or soy milk?
Plain milk or chocolate milk?
traditional sandwich or sub sandwich?
Wrap sandwiches or pizza?
Caesar salad or Cobb salad?
Tomato soup or chicken noodle soup?
French onion soup or cream of mushroom soup?
Pumpkin soup or matzo ball soup?
Chicken Alfredo or Penne Alla Vodka?
Spaghetti bolognese or mac 'n cheese?
Hot fudge sundae or strawberry cheesecake?
Chocolat eclair or cannoli?
Flavored water or carbonated water?
Wine or hard liquor?
Vodka or gin?
Domestic beer or imported beer?
Shopping @ a small convenience store or a mega-market?
Upscale shopping or thrift shopping?
Shoe shopping or jewelry shopping?
Designer brand or generic brand?
Fashion design or visual design?
Art museum or planetarium?
Visit a zoo or go on safari?
Disney World or Six Flags?
The beach or the shopping mall?
Watching the sunrise or watching the sunset?
Wading in the ocean or walking along it?
Watching a shooting star or the lunar eclipse?
Watching a fireworks show or watching the NYE Ball Drop in Time's Square?
New Year's Eve or New Year's Day?
Making New Year's resolutions or skipping them?

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