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Author: beastmode1998
Created: February 17, 2016
Taken: 11 times
Rated: G

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Football stars

Created by beastmode1998 and taken 11 times on Bzoink
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Cam Newton or Peyton Manning
Julio Jones or Odell Beckham Jr.
Richard Sherman or Josh Norman
Luke Kuechly or Jerell Freeman
JJ Watt or Michael Bennett
Ndamunkong Suh or Geno Atkins
Troy Polamalu or Earl Thomas
Josh Brown or Dan Bailey
Johnny Hekker or Shane Lechler
Darren Sproles or Jeremy Kerley
Devin Hester or Ted Ginn Jr.
Rob Gronkowski or Jimmy Graham
Marshal Yanda or Zack Martin
Tyron Smith or Joe Thomas
Travis frederick or Nick Mangold