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Author: aishidee
Created: February 27, 2016
Taken: 29 times
Rated: G

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Which of my friends are u most like

Created by aishidee and taken 29 times on Bzoink
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Just put x if it applies to you or yes/no
You're a med student
You have short hair
You're half-Chinese
You're tall
You have good grades
You're health conscious
You can play the violin
You prefer cats than dogs
You like classical music
You like old songs
You have three siblings
Your family owns a clinic
You love sports anime
You read some yaoi
You love food
You're an engineering student
You love to read books
You spend time browsing TV Tropes
You have an older sister
You've cosplayed in school before
You love to play video/computer games
You've been told u were annoying but didn't care anyway
You have two sisters
You've been to Hong Kong
You have a black belt in tae kwon do
You love art
You've been told many times that your drawings are great
You can play the guitar
You have a crush on fictional characters
You love Hetalia
You love songs by Avicii
You play League of Legends
You want to take up Psychology or Literature
You love to listen to rock music
You've played Undertale
You're the baby of the family
You're an Aquarius
Your parents are strict
You're bi
You like to watch cartoons
You love computers
You love gaming consoles
You like taking pictures
You have a lot of selfies in your phone
You have a Twitter account
You're talkative
You love history
You're open/upfront about your feelings
You like listening to foreign songs
You like meeting new people & making new friends
You're a Scorpio
You wear glasses
You like horror movies
You have a good singing voice
You like taking pictures of your food
You're a Pisces
You put others' needs before your own
Your computer wallpaper is an anime character
You like attending conventions
You're meticulous when it comes to cosplaying
End of survey lol thanks for answering