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Author: joybucket
Created: March 23, 2016
Taken: 217 times
Rated: PG

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Girl Confessions!

Created by joybucket and taken 217 times on Bzoink
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Either write true or false, or put an X by what describes you.
You've had a crush.
You've had your heart broken.
You've written a love poem.
You like the way you look.
You can put mascara on without opening your mouth.
You never leave the house without make-up.
You've had a crush on a teacher.
You've questioned your sexuality.
You've dyed your hair.
You've cut your own hair.
You've compared yourself to other females.
You've had severe menstrual cramps.
You've had mild to moderate menstrual cramps.
You've had cramps so bad you threw up.
You've had cramps so bad you couldn't walk.
You've missed school or work because of your period.
You have or wonder if you have endometriosis.
You know what endometriosis is.
You have fainted (for any reason).
You have fainted because your period pain was so bad.
You have taken birth control pills.
You keep a journal or diary.
You've had a crush on a celebrity.
You've been in a relationship.
You've smoked a cigarette.
You've gotten drunk.
You've gotten high.
You've skipped school to do something with your friends.
You've failed a class.
You've straightened your hair.
You've curled your hair.
You like how your hair looks when it's humid.
You like how your hair looks after it's rained.
You don't like showering and wish you didn't have to do it.
Your room is usually messy.
You're disorganized.
You are creative.
You enjoy decorating.
You enjoy drawing.
You enjoy painting.
You love the color pink.
You like shopping.
You love fashion.
You like your hair long better than short.
You have a tattoo.
You want a tattoo.
You want to get married.
You want to have kids.
You've experienced PMS.
You like chocolate.
You like coffee.
You like tea.
You like to read.
You've been in love with someone.
You've questioned your gender.
You've kissed someone of the same gender.
You've discovered your purpose in life.
You daydream a lot.
You've been bullied by other girls.
You hate your body.
You have/had braces.
You believe in God.
You are spiritual.
You have faith in a higher power.
You read the Bible daily.
You read a devotional.
You pray consistently.
You pray occasionally.
You wish you had Christian parents.
Your parents don't love you.
You've been assaulted in any way. (i.e., had someone force themself on you)
You've been physically abused.
You've been verbally abused.
You've been sexually abused.
You've been harassed.
You've cried yourself to sleep.
You've felt insecure.
You have or once had low self-esteem.
You have/had acne.
You are happy with your weight.
You've had someone make a comment about your weight that you didn't like.
You've been bullied online.
You've been excluded from a group.
You've been lied to.
You're severely allergic to something.
You're mildly or moderately allergic to something.
You're a cancer survivor.
You have/had asthma.
You have/had ADHD or ADD.
You have/had dyslexia.
You like to receive flowers.
You like to receive chocolates.
You like to go on dates.
You've been to a school dance.
You've had or been to a sleepover.
You like sleepovers.
You paint your nails.
You like flip-flops.
You're afraid of spiders.
You turn your head away when you see something gross.
You like dresses and skirts.
You had an American Girl doll as a kid.
You played with Barbies.
You owned something Lisa Frank.
You are superstitious.
You wish on stars.
You worry too much.
You overthink.
You feel stressed a lot.
You have a sweet tooth.
You like to eat healthy.
You like to exercise.
You've felt jealous of someone.
You explode when you're angry.
When you're angry, you keep it inside and don't tell anyone how you feel.
You wish you had more money.
You wish you could go on more vacations.
You want to be famous.
You use chapstick.
You've kept the same make-up for years and still use it.
You've leaked through your pants when on your period.
You've made yourself feel sick from eating too much chocolate.
You are guilty of comfort eating.
You've had more than one crush at the same time.
You've never been kissed.
You're saving your first kiss for your wedding day.
You're saving your virginity until after you're married.
You are a vegetarian.
You are a vegan.
You've been on a diet to lose weight.
You've been on a diet for health reasons.
You usually don't burst into tears in public but wait until you get home.
You can't hide your emotions at all and you hate it.
You frequently hide your emotions.
You like glitter.
You have a favorite Disney princess.
You like Disney princesses.
You like fairies.
You like gypsies.
You've dressed up as a fairy, gypsy, princess, or mermaid.
You've seen/read Alice in Wonderland.
You enjoy musicals.
You have dreams for your life.
You have regrets.
You are keeping a big secret from the world right now.
You have something on your heart right now.
You are passionate about something.
You don't know what you want to do with your life yet.
You are still searching for meaning in life.
At this point in your life you just want to have fun.
You've attempted suicide.
You've contemplated suicide.
You've feared for your sanity.
You've worried about becoming homeless.
You've been homeless.
You've thought about running away.
You've ran away.
Your past is more horrible than you let people know.
You have a secret.
You have a secret crush.
You have a secret admirer.
You like getting dressed up.
You like wearing costumes.
You consider yourself unique.
You are double jointed.
You would say you are average.
You consider yourself plain.
You are optimistic.
You like dogs.
You like cats.
You like rabbits.
You like mice.
You have neat handwriting.
You can sing.
You sing in the shower.
You're shy at times.
You're socially awkward at times.
You own a designer purse.
You have your own sense of style.
You wear what you like.
You are a trendsetter.
You have a favorite book series.
You have a favorite book (or two or three).
You like smoothies.
You like fruit.
You wear skirts.
You wear jeans.
You own a dress.
You've planned your wedding on Pinterest.
You sniff roses.
You feel like you are growing and maturing as a person.
You like growing up.
You like cake.
That's all for now! I hope you enjoyed it!