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Author: hxcsingingsk8r
Created: April 13, 2016
Taken: 125 times
Rated: PG

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Have You Experienced The Same Things As Me? [Long]

Created by hxcsingingsk8r and taken 125 times on Bzoink
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Answer with true or false and feel to explain if you'd like =]
You were born in the USA.
You were born in Pennsylvania.
You were born on Thursday.
You were born in April.
You were born on the 22nd of the month.
You were born in the nineties.
You were born in 1993.
You are a female.
You have an older brother.
You had blonde hair and blue eyes as a baby.
You had an afro and/or very curly hair as a baby.
You are Jewish.
You went to a religious preschool.
You almost drowned when you were little.
You had/have a pet dog.
You had/have an aquarium of fish in your house.
You had/have pet frogs and/or tadpoles.
You watched Barney as a toddler.
You watched Teletubbies as a toddler.
You watched Mr. Rogers as a toddler.
You watched Full House in the nineties.
You watched Pokemon in the nineties.
You played Pokemon [cards or Gameboy games]
You had a teddy bear that you brought with you everywhere.
You played with Barbies.
You played with Polly Pockets.
You had Pogs.
You had Krazy Bones.
You had an Etch A Sketch.
You had your own pool.
You had a big house with a big front and back lawn.
Everything in your bedroom was pink at one point.
You owned felt boards.
You moved across country.
You changed schools in elementary school.
You live/have lived in Arizona.
You were picked on/made fun of in elementary school.
You always had birthday parties and invited at least ten kids.
You own/ed a Nintendo 64.
You own/ed Gamecube.
You own/ed a PS2.
You watched Lizzie McGuire.
You were obsessed with Hilary Duff.
You watched Even Stevens.
You had braces when you were eleven.
You got bangs/fringe in middle school.
You were still picked on/made fun of in middle school but not as much.
You were in band in middle school.
You had highlights in your hair in middle school.
You had a Bat/Bar Mitzvah.
You've been to a Bar/Bat Mitzvah.
You play/ed the flute.
You play/ed the piano.
You've tried to learn guitar.
You hate/d PE/gym class.
You listened to Kelly Clarkson.
You listened to Natasha Bedingfield.
You listened to Aly & AJ.
You watched Hannah Montana.
You watched Drake & Josh.
You watched Kyle XY.
You changed your stlye in highschool.
You were a scene kid in highschool.
You wear/wore a lot of eyeliner.
You wear/wore colored hair extensions.
You wear/wore colorful skinny jeans.
You wear/wore band tees.
Your favorite band is/was The Used.
You listen/ed to Coheed & Cambria.
You listen/ed to Paramore.
You listen/ed to Eyes Set To Kill.
You listen/ed to Flyleaf.
You listen/ed to Escape The Fate.
You listen/ed to A Day To Remember.
You were in marching band in highschool.
You were in concert band in highschool.
You were in choir in highschool.
You hated chemistry.
You take/took dance class.
You went to a performing arts summer camp.
You love to sing.
You went to a winter formal dance.
You went to prom.
You had pet hamsters.
You had pet hermit crabs.
You stopped talking to your best friend at one point.
You got your period when you were fourteen.
You had your first kiss when you were fifteen.
You had your first boyfriend/girlfriend when you were fifteen.
You lost your virginity when you were sixteen.
You've never smoked a cigarette.
You smoke/d weed.
You've never tried any other drugs.
You don't like alcohol and only drink on rare occasions.
You had acne when you were fifteen.
Your skin is now very clear.
You naturally had brown hair and green eyes.
Your hair is naturally curly.
You straighten your hair almost every day.
You've dyed your hair dark brown or black before.
You've cut your own hair before.
You had a steady boyfriend/girlfriend for at least a year in highschool.
You had your first broken heart in highschool.
You've graduated from highschool.
You go/went to a university.
You live/d in a dorm room.
You never talked to your room mate.
You weren't a good student.
You skipped class a lot in college.
You majored in music.
You were in your college band.
You were in your college choir.
You sing/sung in a rock band.
Your band has gone on tour.
You've recorded an album and/or EP.
You've cheated on someone.
You've dated someone for five years or more.
You dropped out of college.
You've worked at Panera Bread.
You moved into your own place when you were nineteen.
You got your first car when you were nineteen.
You've dyed your hair an unnatural color.
Your hair is dyed red.
You have/had pet cats.
You had a myspace.
You have a facebook.
You have an instagram.
You have a tumblr.
You have a youtube channel.
You had AIM.
You watched Dexter.
You watch Vampire Diaries.
You watch American Horror Story.
You watch The Walking Dead.
You watch The Voice.
You watch/ed American Idol.
You listen to mainly alternative rock.
You've had a job for three years or more.
You are a hostess.
You work at a Mexican restaurant.
You're a shift lead.
You don't make as much money as you think you deserve.
You are underappreciated at work.
You've found "the one"
And you lost them.
You've become depressed.
You want kids someday.
You want to be a successful musician.
You are twenty-three years old.