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Author: joybucket
Created: May 10, 2016
Taken: 47 times
Rated: G

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Modern Girl~ true or false

Created by joybucket and taken 47 times on Bzoink
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You own something with chevron print.
You own a smartphone.
You own an ipod.
You love music.
You send a lot of texts.
You love texting.
You straighten your hair every day.
You wear eyeliner.
You wear make-up every day.
You have a certain necklace you were every day.
You wear skinny jeans.
You own a pair of riding boots.
You wear infinity scarves.
You own an oversize sweater or sweater dress.
You drink coffee.
You can't function without coffee in the mornings.
You drink soda/pop.
You like tea.
You've been to Starbucks.
You've owned thick black-rimmed glasses.
Your fingernails are always painted.
You own a laptop.
You are addicted to the Internet.
You eat a lot of fast food.
You like pizza.
You watch TV.
You have a favorite TV show.
You watch a lot of movies.
You play video games a lot.
You have posters on your wall.
You have pierced ears.
You have/had braces.
You wear flip-flops when it's warm out.
You prefer to go barefoot.
You chew gum regularly.
You sleep in pajamas.
You keep a diary.
You usually have a messy room.
You eat junk food.
You have a sweet tooth.
You love texting.
You enjoy shopping at the mall.
You have a crush.
You have bangs.
You have long hair.
You wear skirts sometimes.
You own a summer dress.
You own something Bohemian.
You've worn a semiformal dress to a dance.
You've worn a formal dress to a dance.
You own something with lace.
You wear bikinis at the beach.
You tan in the summer.
You have a friend you've met online.
You've dated someone you've met online.
You've worn a cross necklace.
You wear bracelets.
You wear earrings.
You wear necklaces.
You have or want a tattoo.
Your belly button is pierced.
You wear rings.
You own a class ring.
You take a lot of pictures.
You enjoy taking selfies.
You own a digital camera.
You own a pair of flats.
You've worn Tom's shoes.
You've worn Converse.
You own a pair of black leggings.
You wear yoga pants.
You wear jeans.
You wear hoodies.
You own a pair of sunglasses.
You have a facebook account.
You use Twitter.
You use Pinterest.
You use Instragram.
You get on facebook every day.
You have a blog.
You read blogs.
You read graphic novels.
You watch anime.
You've dressed up as an anime character before.
You dress up on Halloween.
You listen to music frequently.
You own something with fringe.
You own a designer purse.
You've shopped at Hot Topic.
You've shopped at Aeropostale.
You've shopped at Hollister.
You've shopped at Maurices.
You've shopped at Deb.
You've shopped at Forever 21.
You've shopped at Wet Seal.
You've shopped at Rue21.
You've shopped at Kmart.
You own a swimsuit cover-up.
You've done a fishtail braid.
You've braided your own hair.
You've cut your own hair.
You wear lip gloss.
You wear chapstick.
You use your phone for your alarm clock.
You read nutrition labels.
You've been on a diet.
You think you are fat.
You think you need to lose weight.
You eat out a lot.
You are unhappy with the way you look.
You have acne.
You have oily hair.
You usually wash your hair every other day.
You have sensitive skin.
You sleep in a twin bed.
You sleep with the door closed.
You've fallen asleep with your laptop open.
You've fallen asleep while reading a book.
You love someone.
You know who you want to marry.
You want to get married.
You want to have kids.
You like to travel and want to travel more.
You've taken a duck face selfie.
You part your hair on the side.
You've had a zigzag part.
You've dyed your hair.
You've crimped your hair.
You've curled your hair.
You wear eyeshadow.
You sleep with a retainer.
You wear short shorts in the summer.
You own a miniskirt.
You own a maxiskirt.
You've volunteered.
You've done volunteer work.
You've donated to charity.
You've worn Nike tennis shoes.
You've ran track.
You've knit a scarf.
You've been to the tanner.
You've read celebrity gossip.
You currently read celebrity gossip.
You've seen the movie Mean Girls.
You've been bullied online.
You've been bullied face-to-face.
You are outgoing.
You've been to a rave.
You've stayed up all night.
You usually stay up late.
You've tried smoking.
You've drank alcohol.
You've tried drugs.
You've smoked marijuana.
You've sang karaoke.
You've had someone talk behind your back.
You've had a rumor spread about you.
You have haters.
You're nice.
You have manners.
You compliment people.
You are afraid of spiders.
You love chocolate.
You own a maxi-dress.
You read your horoscope.