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Author: joybucket
Created: May 11, 2016
Taken: 82 times
Rated: G

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Are you like me? *with categories*

Created by joybucket and taken 82 times on Bzoink
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Friends and Family
You are lonely.
You don't trust anyone.
You want someone to love you, but you have no one.
You don't have a best friend, but only because you've shut her out.
You've put up walls to avoid getting hurt.
Nobody knows the real you.
You pretend a lot. You pretend to be someone you're not.
There is someone you'd really like to be friends with, but aren't close..
..with at the moment.
There's someone you never talk to whom you'd like to get to know.
Your parents are/were very controlling.
Your parents are/were abusive.
...and by that you mean mentally, emotionally, and spiritually
You love your mom.
Your parents are together.
You have one brother.
You have no sisters.
You can't trust your family and aren't close to anyone.
You have/had a pet dog that you loved.
You are friends with someone who is a lot older than you.
You have been betrayed by a friend.
Someone who you thought was a friend turned out to be a bully.
You have no real friends.
You are female.
You are Christian.
You don't follow politics very much.
You have hazel eyes.
Your natural hair color is light golden brown.
You believe in respecting others.
You are in your 20's.
You have graduated high school.
You go/went to a public high school.
You were homeschooled for a part of your life.
You are petite.
You look younger than you are.
You are unique.
You are creative.
You've been called a free spirit.
You've been called a trendsetter.
You love Jesus.
You love bright colors.
You love to dress in bright colors.
You are gifted and talented.
You've been in love.
^when you were in middle school
^with someone you never talked to
You've kissed someone.
Your first kiss wasn't magical.
You've dated someone just to try it out.
You don't really want to be in a relationship right now.
You aren't heterosexual.
You've never dated someone longer than three months.
You've broken someone's heart. :(
You've had your heart broken.
You've broken up with someone.
You've never been attracted to the opposite gender.
You were 8 or 9 when you had your first crush.
You get crushes.
You had a crush on a friend in high school.
You've never had a crush on a celebrity.
You've had a crush on a teacher.
You've been in love with two people at the same time.
You aren't sexual.
You've never been sexually attracted to anyone.
You don't really want to get married.
You don't care if you ever have kids.
You did not like elementary, middle, or high school very much.
...but you loved college
You've lived in a college dorm.
You've lived with a college roommate.
You've traveled across the country for school.
You favorite subjects are/were English and Art.
You hate/hated math.
You are smart.
You are/were in track.
You are/were in dance.
You are/were on the dance team.
You are/were in Color Guard.
You always wanted to do gymnastics, but your parents didn't let you.
You are/were a good kid.
You've never had detention.
You've cheated on a test, though.
You enjoy fashion and make-up.
You were voted Most Unique in the senior class polls.
You have/had a very eccentric teacher that you loved.
You have/had a class you only like because of the teacher.
You have long hair.
You love long hair.
You are growing your hair out.
You have natural loose curls.
You are attractive.
...but you don't think you are vain
You like the way you look.
You are happy with the way your body looks.
You are skinny.
You are short.
You wear glasses.
You have/had braces.
You have mild acne.
You have little toes.
You have a birthmark.
You tan easily.
You have fat thumbs.
Your feet are wide in the front.
...and it makes it hard to find comfortable shoes
You have a big smile.
You are spiritual.
You love church.
You love to worship.
You believe in God.
You believe in Jesus.
Jesus is your best friend.
You read your Bible.
You pray every day.
You have had supernatural experiences.
You believe in angels and demons.
You believe in Heaven and Hell.
You believe in miracles.
You believe in life after death.
Your parents have a different worldview than you do.
You don't feel accepted at your church.
You go/went to youth group.
You felt/feel lonely at youth group.
You like to sing.
You have spiritual gifts.
You are blessed.
You know what your calling is.
You believe we're in the end times.
God speaks to you personally.
You listen to praise and worship music.
Your room is very colorful.
You like to decorate.
You love creative writing.
You love exercise.
You love running.
You love dancing.
You are a good dancer.
You are a good singer.
You like putting outfits together.
You like some country music, but not all.
You like and wear colorful clothing.
You like Bohemian-style clothing.
You like some animals but not all animals.
You love taking pictures.
You spend a lot of time on facebook.
You enjoy taking bzoink surveys.
You enjoy making bzoink surveys.
You love fruit.
You enjoy drinking smoothies.
You like chai tea.
You don't like coffee.
You aren't afraid of spiders, unless they're HUGE.
You like Chinese food.
You aren't a huge fan of Mexican food.
You like Italian food.
You love macaroni and cheese.
Your favorite color is teal.
You also love pink and purple.
You consider yourself feminine, but not girly.
You were born in the 80's.
You grew up in the 90's.
You are disorganized.
You have/had ADD/ADHD.
You have/had endometriosis.
You have/had allergies and asthma.
You love the arts.
You are artistic.
You are right-brained.
Your current life is boring.
You love the outdoors.
You enjoy camping.
You enjoy hiking.
You've hiked a mountain.
You've done something you regret.
You've not done something and regretted it later.
You wish you could go back in time and fix your mistakes.
You've made a lot of mistakes.
You're not a perfect person.
You have big dreams.
You truly care about people.
You love someone.
You don't have any tattoos.
You have pierced ears.
...but you don't have any other piercings
You have no desire to get any piercings or tattoos.
You've traveled to Disney World and met Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
You've been on the Disney Cruise.
You've celebrated your birthday at a Disney theme park.
You've gone hiking in the woods.
You've gone camping in the woods.
You grew up with a swimming pool.
You aren't spoiled.
You aren't very popular ( or at least you don't think you are).
You've had an outdoor birthday party.
Your birthday is in the fall.
You live where it snows.
You live where it gets hot in the summer.
You live where there are tornadoes.
You live where the leaves change colors in the fall.
You live where there are fireflies.
You live where it rains.
You don't have very much money.
You wish you had more money.
You want to travel more.
You've never been on a missions trip.
You enjoy reading.
You like making lists.
You've dyed your hair pink.
And lastly--I like these things; do you? (Put an X by the things that you
like or enjoy.)
renessaince faires
bright, unnaturally colored hair
wearing bright colors
getting to know new people
trying new and foreign foods
writing in calligraphy
writing with a pen
writing letters
treading water
dressing up in costume
dressing up nice
wearing sweatpants
taking selfies
taking nature pictures
new beginnings
blow flowers
funny jokes
hot tea
herbal tea
colorful socks
bangs (in your hair)
cute puppies
springer spaniels
golden retriever puppies
chocolate lab puppies
yellow lab puppies
walking in the rain
fingernail polish
music videos
bike riding
making new friends
ice cream
yoga pants
Are we alike?