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Author: chasingghosts
Created: June 7, 2016
Taken: 213 times
Rated: R

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I look back on the things I've done and I realise you're the only one. (Random true or false)

Created by chasingghosts and taken 213 times on Bzoink
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Random questions. Enjoy.
You struggle to walk in heels.
You talk on the phone a lot.
You consider yourself to be pretty extroverted.
You know how to sew.
You know how to play a woodwind instrument.
You swear a lot.
You're a smoker.
You're allergic to penicillin.
Someone in your immediate family is in a wheelchair.
You play a lot of video games.
You've never been on a train.
You don't like raisins.
You're not a very romantic person.
You're homosexual or bisexual.
Beer is your alcoholic beverage of choice.
Your favourite colour to wear is red.
You've talked someone out of suicide.
You wear a ring on your left ring finger.
You've never had detention in school.
You've dated someone with a full beard.
You have a pair of fluffy dice in your car.
You've been tested for STIs.
You've written someone a love letter.
Your favourite film genre is horror.
You currently live in a country you weren't born in.
You don't like wearing hats.
Your blood type is O+.
You prefer fruits over vegetables.
You work/have worked in a hotel.
You enter the lottery regularly.
You have a boyfriend or girlfriend.
You have had sex within the last week.
You get sick often.
You're close with your siblings.
You're a pretty paranoid kind of person.
You prefer vanilla over chocolate.
You own a lava lamp.
You can't whistle.
You've had your stomach pumped.
You don't use emojis when you text.
You remember seeing the events of 9/11 on television as it happened.
You always stay hydrated.
You have at least one child.
Your hair is shorter than shoulder length.
You're at least 21 years old.
You're an opinionated person and stick to your guns no matter what.
You share a bed with someone else every night.
You know how to drive.
You're currently wearing an article of clothing that doesn't belong to you.
You are friends with a lot of people you work with.
You shower twice or more each day.
You're friends with your boss.
You've made your own clothes before.
You have/had braces.
You have two or more ex partners.
You have a biblical middle name.
You've cheated on someone.
You mop/vacuum the floors in your house once a week.
You have dandruff.
Your parents are religious people.
You work/have worked in fast food.
You live near a national park.
You're a flirty kind of person.
You've never dyed your hair.
You've been to Arizona.
You listen to a lot of country music.
You listen to a lot of pop music.
You exercise several times a week.
You can do at least 10 pull-ups.
You travel primarily by bus.
You prefer hot weather over cold weather.
You've never been to IKEA.
You're more creative than you are logical.
You've been in trouble with the police.
You have something more important to be doing right now.
You share a lot of your looks/appearance with your siblings.
You've been in an open relationship.
You had beef for dinner last night.
You live with roommates.
You drink alcohol at least once a week.
You have to go to work tomorrow.
You have taken acting classes.
Your favourite kind of juice is cranberry.
You lost your virginity at the age of 16.
You're close with your cousins.
You have family who live in England.
You've had a blood test.
You know someone who has two parents of the same sex.
You know how to do karate.
You've never had a pet dog.
Your current partner if you have one is your college/high school sweetheart
You have a cool scar.
You've considered joining your country's army.
You live near a very large body of water such as the ocean or a lake.
You watch and follow motorsports.
Your mother was under the age of 20 when she was pregnant with you.
You're allergic to some kind of vegetable.
You hate wearing socks to bed.
You play a lot of board games.
You know someone personally who was born in Japan.
You always keep spare change handy.
Your house has three or more bedrooms.
You weigh less than you want to weigh.
You prefer tampons over pads (if you're a female who menstruates).
You've had sex while menstruating or had sex with someone while they were.
Your parents live in a different country than you.
You've been banned from a store or other location/venue.
You like to cook with a crockpot/slow cooker.
You have a clock radio in your bedroom.