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Author: kezzievanescence
Created: July 1, 2016
Taken: 104 times
Rated: G

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True or False? (Facts about me)

Created by kezzievanescence and taken 104 times on Bzoink
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You're female?
You're over the age of 18?
You have green eyes?
You have brown hair?
You're under 5'5"?
You have 2 sisters?
You have no brothers?
You are a college graduate?
You love shopping online?
You love pasta?
You love grapes?
You're best friend is Jesus?
You're a Christian?
You're not popular?
and it's OK because you don't care?
You've never been in love?
You've never had a boyfriend?
but you are started to become interested in dating?
You want to get married?
You don't want children?
Your parents are still married?
You hated high school?
You left high school at 16?
You then went to college?
You have left college?
Your favourite colour is purple?
You love a little bit of Korean Pop?
Which you got from your younger sister?
You're an aunt?
and you love your niece very much?
You have Facebook?
You have YouTube?
You don't have Instragram anymore?
because you think it's boring?
You recently got your first job?
but you aren't starting for a little bit?
You're still learning?
You're still growing emotionally?
You're still growing mentally?
You're still growing spiritually?
You're autistic?
You passed your maths exam?
It look you 5 attempts to pass your maths exam?
You don't dye your hair?
but you have no objection to dying it again?