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Author: joybucket
Created: July 13, 2016
Taken: 52 times
Rated: G

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Becoming Me (true or false)

Created by joybucket and taken 52 times on Bzoink
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You have signed a paper that said you "have read and agree to the terms..
..above", even though you didn't read it all.
You have taken a break from facebook because you got tired of the drama.
You love to watch fireflies.
You have moved into your own apartment.
You participate in your town's summer reading program every year.
You have cried yourself to sleep over someone.
You have cried on someone's shoulder.
You have made a list of baby names that you like.
You have seen a shooting star.
You live in a small, historic town.
You believe in enjoying the little things.
You hate it when it's too cold to go outside.
You dislike thunderstorms because it means you have to stay inside.
You are discovering who your true friends are.
Your heart hurts when you bring to mind a specific memory.
You enjoy decorating.
You hate feeling energetic and being unable to go outside and let your...
..energy out.
You feel the most energetic in the evenings.
You feel closest to God at a certain time of day every day.
You are aware of God's presence.
You delight in beauty and in nature and in life.
You have realized how much you truly value a specific friendship.
You have realized how much you truly treasure a certain friend.
You have family that you care about.
You sometimes feel afraid of the dark.
You enjoy getting older, because you enjoy growing as a person and...
...becoming more mature.
You make mistakes.
You are learning to love yourself more.
You don't have a car.
You are angry at a friend.
You are not good at expressing your emotions.
You've held back because of fear.
You enjoy trying new things.
You make bucket lists.
You have a list of goals for the summer.
You collect quotes and have a notebook full of them.
You write poetry.
You write and sent letters to your friends.
You are yourself-- on facebook and in real life- and you don't care what...
...people think.
You've written to an advice columnist.
You've entered a sweepstakes.
You've won a sweepstakes.
Sometimes you wonder if sweepstakes' are really real and if anyone..
..actually wins anything.
You enjoy playing the game Truth or Dare.
You like chandeliers.
You're beautiful.
You love.
You live.
You feel as if you are truly living, not just existing.
You don't really want to get married.
You enjoy babysitting, but don't really want your own kids.
You collect poetry.
You're tired.
You love life.
Life is good.