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Author: emilydoll
Created: August 28, 2016
Taken: 50 times
Rated: G

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I'm in the graveyard if looks could kill

Created by emilydoll and taken 50 times on Bzoink
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Do you know who sings the lyrics of the title?
Who is your favorite musician(s)?
Describe your favorite kind of music?
What is your least favorite type of music?
Do you listen to country?
What is a dessert that you DO NOT prefer?
What kind of pants are your favorite to wear?
Where was the last place you had a nice dinner at?
Who did you go with?
Give me a line of lyrics from one of your favorite songs:
Is there a piece of jewelry that you wear everyday, if so, what?
Do you have a favorite TV show of all time?
What kind of show would you be most interested in watching, something new?
What kind of shows are you not interested in?
What was your favorite part of the Summer so far?
Do you look forward to going back to school?
What is your favorite part of going to school?
Would you rather go to a class or do it online?
What is your major, or if you're in highschool or grade, fav subject?
Who is the hottest celeb, or semi celeb you know?
Describe drugs in one word.
Do you need medication?
What kind of exercise do you do?
What are your fitness goals?
What is another goal of yours?
And another?
Least favorite chores? (2)
Favorite chore that you don't mind doing?
What kind of animals do you have?
What are their, his or her, name(s)?
Who is your favorite follower on Twitter?
Who is your favorite person you follow on Twitter?
What do you usually Tweet about?
Favorite social media site?
Favorite non social media website?
What does your water bottle look like?
What do you drink the most?
What do you hate to drink? or refuse to drink?
Most recent awkward moment? Tell me about it :)
What are your plans for today?
Are you more optimistic or pessimistic?
Did you used to be the opposite?
What is your favorite means of transportation?
Do you drive?
ONE of your favorite color combos?
Favorite backpack brand?
Where do you get all your underwears?
Where do you buy your socks?
What color do you not own in your closet?
Are you willing to wear that color?
What are your favorite things about Fall?
Are you celebrating Halloween this year?
Do you set boundaries for yourself or are you more wild?
Favorite shoes you own?
I'll buy you pair of shoes, what shall they be?
Here is a $500 giftcard, do where shall it be for?
Do you wear makeup? Yes, some boys wear makeup.
What is the best part of your birthday month besides your birthday?
Favorite celebrity couple ( past or present )?
Favorite thing about the 90's and/or '00s?
Do you journal everyday?
Why or why not?
What are your favorite kind of quizzes/surveys on Bzoink?
How long have you known about Bzoink?
Have you ever had a neopets account?
What is your favorite Pokemon?
Do you play Pokemon Go?
Do you feel like it is a good thing or bad thing? ( Pokemon Go )
Favorite type of Italian Food?
Favorite nationality of food you like to eat?
Favorite type of water? ( Brand or flavor )
Lemons or Limes?
Cats or Dogs? ( Don't say both! )
Would you rather have 1 leg or 1 arm?
Your username on most social media is:
Are you into Batman, Suicide Squad and all that?
Do you like the Joker?
Favorite superhero?
Favorite game character?
Favorite video game of all time?
Favorite drama movie?
Favorite comedy?
Favorite action movie?
Favorite scary movie?
Do you wear a cross necklace?
Do you like gold, silver, white gold or other the most?
Are you scared of vacuuming when you're home alone?
How about the garbage disposal?
Do you have an irrational fears?
Have you ever taken a stay animal in or adopted?
What kind of bag do you carry if at all?
What kind of things do you like to carry with you, even in your pockets?
Do you drive?
What is your dream car?
What color?
What is your dream job?
Do you know your destiny?
Did you know that Jesus loves you?
How many times do you look in the mirror a day would you say?
What are 3 things that are on your wall?
Chalkboard or markerboard?
Do you like the lights on or off when you're on the computer?
Do you use your computer or phone more for internet?
Do you use your phone camera or a digital camera more?
Blue or Pink? in clothes
Orange or Red? in clothes
Yellow or Green? in clothes
Red shoes or white shoes?
Favorite tennis shoe brand?
What is one hot thing you like about your crush?
Are you practically engaged with someone or engages at all?
Favorite things to do in the Summer?
Favorite season?
What kind of weather do you hate?
Do you hate anyone? And Why?
Do you use your computer on a desk or somewhere else like your bed?
Favorite song at the moment?
Least favorite song at the moment? I mean you can't stand it!
What does your FB profile pic look like?
Why did you choose that photo?
Tell me an embarassing moment, I mean really embarassing!
What do you like to write with the most?
Crayons, colored pencils or markers to color?
Do you color in one of those adult coloring books?
What is your favorite thing to shop for?
If you could buy 2 things right now, what would they be?
What do you think about combat boots?
Trench coats?
Ray Bans?
What do you refuse to wear, I mean, you will never wear them?
How do you feel about this survey?
I tried. What color do you want your bedroom walls to be?
What color to you like your sheets to be?
What kind of phone do you have?
How do you feel about MAC/Apple products?
What kind of computer do you have?
What does your phone case look like?
Do you like coffee? If so what is your favorite?
What is your favorite kind of tea?
Sweater, jacket or hoodie?
Favorite place to shop for clothes?
Place you don't like to shop for clothes?
And what is your favorite flower?
How do you like your pillows to be?
Do you support circuses?
Do you support zoos?
Thanks! :) Have a blessed day!