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Author: joybucket
Created: November 3, 2016
Taken: 55 times
Rated: G

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random little facts about you

Created by joybucket and taken 55 times on Bzoink
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you're disorganized
you procrastinate
your room is usually a mess
you lose or misplace things a lot
you have something you currently can't find
you think you are lovely
you're a bookworm
you're an introvert
you're shy sometimes, but not all the time
you used to be shy all the time
you're not religous
you're spiritual
you're afraid of spiders
you try to avoid bees because you think you might be allergic
you are gifted
you stay up too late
you are artistic
you are different
you are unique
you're a daydreamer
you've been called special
you get bullied frequently
you are creative
you have a lot of regrets
you frequently make new regrets
you wish you had a time machine
you are lonely
you have self-image issues
sometimes you are afraid of the dark
you don't hate gays
you are open-minded
you think for yourself
you aren't very opinionated
you aren't very competitive
you've been bullied
you feel alone
you enjoy making lists
you enjoy drinking chai lattes
you enjoy drinking apple cider
you make bucket lists
you are double jointed
you cut your own hair
you've had a crush on a teacher
you've written a sad love poem
people are jealous of you
you have trust issues
you've had your heart broken
you've been unable to trust anyone
you want to loved
you long to be loved, but you are not
you encounter judgmental people a lot
you frequently get judged by people who don't even know you
you post custom statuses on facebook
you've friended someone on facebook that you didn't know in real life
you love to worship in church
you've accepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior
your believe in God
you're agnostic
you've questioned God's existence
you've questioned whether God is good or not
you are lazy
you have things you need to do that aren't done yet
you have things you've been putting off
you've been in a place of indecision for a long time
life is going by extremely fast
you enjoy growing older
you wish you were younger
you wish you were older
you've been through something traumatic
you've thought about trying counseling, but you're not sure if it's what..
..you want or need
there are people who hate you
you're considered a nobody
people don't treat you well
you go overlooked frequently
you're intelligent
you pray regularly
you have a devotional that you read regularly
you have a good luck charm that you always carry with you
you have a piece of jewelry that you always wear
you wear a watch 24/7
you have endometriosis
you've had a crush on someone of the same gender
your favorite season is fall
you feel the most awake in the evening
you have a close relationship with Jesus
no one knows the real you
you are afraid to open up to anyone and let them see the real you
you've made bad decisions
you're irresponsible
you consider yourself mature
you're naturally optimistic
you should exercise more
you don't eat as healthy as you could and should
you have acid reflux
you have allergies
you have short toes
you look like a sibling
you look like your mom
you look like your dad
you look like your dog (lol)
you have a twin
you don't usually get enough sleep
you have/ have had ADHD
you are allergic to mold
you enjoy having alone time
you've spent a holiday alone and enjoyed it
you have been shying away from life
you feel as if you are existing but not living
you have a crush
you make mistakes
you usually don't make your bed
you're a slacker
you are optimistic about the future
you have big dreams for your future
you believe that the future is now