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Author: hxcsingingsk8r
Created: November 10, 2016
Taken: 98 times
Rated: PG

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Categorized Are We Alike?

Created by hxcsingingsk8r and taken 98 times on Bzoink
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Your hair is red.
You dye your hair.
You have green eyes.
You are very pale.
You are very petite.
But you are still kind of curvy.
You are 5'5.
You weigh less than 110 pounds.
You straighten your hair.
Many people tell you that you're attractive.
You were born in April.
You were born in the Spring time.
You are a Taurus.
You were born towards the end of the month.
You were born in the nineties.
You were born specifically in 1993.
You were born in the USA.
You were born on the East Coast.
You were born specifically in Pennsylvania.
Your parents were married when you were born.
You almost died at a very young age.
You were a very quiet and shy child.
You moved across the country when you were young.
You were made fun of all throughout your childhood.
You loved Pokemon as a kid.
You played with dolls.
You had a teddy bear that you brought everywhere with you.
You had babysitters a lot.
You loved Hilary Duff.
Nothing really bothered you when you were young.
You hate alcohol.
But you drink on occasion anyway.
The only kind of alcohol you tolerate is
You're addicted to soda
Your favorite soda is Mountain Dew
You hate Root Beer
You love chocolate milk
You love smoothies
You love Starbucks
You love Arizona iced tea
You went to a religious preschool.
You went to two different elementary schools.
You were never a very good student.
You found it hard to pay attention.
But you managed to graduate highschool on time.
You graduated highschool in 2011.
You were in choir and band in highschool
You were a music major in college.
You lived in a dorm room for your freshman year of college.
You never graduated college.
Your parents are still married.
Your parents argue/fight a lot.
Your parents had you in their late thirties or early forties.
You only have one sibling.
You have an older brother.
Your brother is a successful/famous musician.
You and your sibling are two years apart.
Two of your grandparents are still alive.
You have six first cousins.
You have a ton of other cousins, some of whom you've never even met.
You love to sing more than anything else.
You are in a rock band.
You play piano.
You play flute.
You're good at drawing.
You love to play The Sims.
You love Instagram more than any other social media.
You love doing your makeup and wear it every day.
You have a YouTube channel.
You don't have a ton of friends, but you're okay with that.
You have worked in food service before.
You have worked at Panera Bread.
You have worked at a Mexican restaurant.
You have been a cashier.
You have been a barista.
You have been a secretary.
You have worked at an optometry office.
Your family owned/owns a business.
You have worked in a call center-type place.
Your dream job is to be a successful musician.
You had your first crush in sixth grade.
You are mostly straight.
But you are a tiny bit bi-curious.
You had your first kiss when you were fifteen.
You lost your virginity when you were sixteen.
Your longest relationship was five years or more.
You have been manipulated in a relationship.
You have had seven boyfriends/girlfriends in the past.
You have had sex with three people.
You have kissed the same gender before.
Your favorite music genre is alternative rock.
You also love hard rock and metal.
You love show tunes from musicals and such.
You don't care for country music.
You usually don't care for rap either.
Your favorite band is The Used.
You love EDM.
You are a musician yourself.
Music means so much to you.
You prefer more modern music than older stuff.
You are very liberal.
You HATE that Trump was just elected president.
You voted for Hillary.
You are pro-choice.
You are for gay marriage.
You are for equal rights for everyone.
You are very much against guns.
You seriously wish there could just be world peace.
You believe in God
You are for the legalization of marijuana.
You have cats.
You've had a dog before.
You've had hamsters before.
You've had a ton of fish before.
You've had frogs/tadpoles before.
You've had hermit crabs before.
You've had sea monkies before.
You would love to have a pet hedgehog.
You've had a huge aquarium in your home.
You love animals.
I'm running out time to make this xD
Are we alike based on the things I said?
Any last words?