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Author: azari
Created: December 22, 2016
Taken: 72 times
Rated: G

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Are you like my friends/squad?

Created by azari and taken 72 times on Bzoink
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you love memes
you have two older sisters
you have long hair
you often quote your favorite movies/TV shows/etc. in regular conversation
you sing in an a cappella group or choir
you have low self-esteem
you have a beard
you don't like mashed potatoes
you're from New England
you sleep a lot
how many did you get? (out of 10)
you hate confrontation
you are transgender and are transitioning/want to medically transition
people are often intimidated by you
you're really short
you're good at dancing
you're an only child
you dye your hair
your heritage is Native American
you like to be alone
you always wake up early
how many did you get? (out of 10)
you love anime
people tell you you're very responsible
you identify as a lesbian
you love the band Owl City
you have a younger brother
you like wearing flannels
you have anxiety
you are studying/want to study English
you're from California
you hate driving
how many did you get? (out of 10)
you're really into theatre
you're very outgoing and bubbly
you have short hair
you dress fairly butch
you live with a lot of roommates
you're part of many different friend groups
you love drag shows and RuPaul's Drag Race
you have a car and love driving
you are very passionate about social justice issues
you pretty much live in combat boots
how many did you get? (out of 10)
you're very quiet
you wear glasses
people sometimes think that you're mysterious
you are super sweet and kind
you identify as asexual
you have dark hair
you love the snow
you often worry about whether people like you or not
you love to write short stories
you're not good at sports
how many did you get? (out of 10)
you have a very loud voice
you're extremely tall
you identify as nonbinary or gender nonconforming
you're an artsy person
you have curly hair
you're involved in or want to get involved in journalism
you did a lot of stupid things when you were younger that you now regret
you're Jewish
you have a younger sister
you have multiple different mental illnesses
how many did you get? (out of 10)
which one were you most like?
which one were you least like?