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Author: voicedance16
Created: December 25, 2016
Taken: 29 times
Rated: PG

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Christmas 2016 survey!

Created by voicedance16 and taken 29 times on Bzoink
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do you celebrate Christmas?
assuming yes, do you celebrate for religious reasons?
do you travel for Christmas?
if so, where do you typically go?
do you see extended family?
when do you typically start Christmas shopping?
who do you shop for?
do you ever give homemade presents?
do you send out Christmas cards?
do you receive Christmas cards?
do you have a Christmas tree?
if so, is it real or fake?
do you put lights on it?
normal ones or colored ones?
do you have a particular favorite ornament?
do you put a string of popcorn and cranberries on your tree?
when do you usually put up the tree?
when do you usually take it down?
do you put lights outside your house?
do you put a wreath on the door?
do you decorate your room for Christmas?
do you own an ugly Christmas sweater?
do you like eggnog?
how about hot chocolate?
what did you eat for Christmas dinner?
what did you eat for Christmas breakfast?
do you have other decorations in your house besides the tree?
did you participate in a secret santa?
what's your favorite Christmas movie?
do you go to a Christmas Eve church service?
do you read "The Night Before Christmas" on Christmas Eve?
is it hard for you to sleep the night before Christmas?
did you wear red and green on Christmas?
do you own Christmas earrings?
is there snow where you live right now?
what's your favorite Christmas song?
did you go Christmas caroling?
if you have pets, did you get them gifts?
did you make Christmas cookies?
if so, did you decorate them?
did you do anything to observe the winter solstice?
what time do you typically get up on Christmas?
is there someone in your town who goes all out with decorations?
do you celebrate any other holidays this time of year?
do you know anyone who doesn't celebrate Christmas?
what did you get for Christmas this year?
what was your favorite gift?
was there anything you really wanted that you didn't get?
what was your favorite gift that you gave someone else?
how was this Christmas compared to past years?
do you have any plans for New Year's
what was one highlight of 2016 for you?
are you looking forward to the new year?
have you made any New Year's resolutions?
are you going to stay up til midnight on New Year's Eve?
are you feeling happy this holiday season?
what's one holiday tradition your family has?
did you see a Christmas play/musical?
did you perform in one?
have you been in a Christmas choir?
do you like snow?
are you happy to have a school vacation?
did you make/decorate a gingerbread house?
did you build a snowman?
do you believe in Santa?
do you set out milk and cookies for Santa?
do you own a Santa hat?
did you wear Christmas pajamas?
did you receive any gifts you didn't like?
did you make paper snowflakes?
do you have a stocking?
did you put up a nativity scene?
do you light candles on Christmas?
did you host/attend any Christmas parties?
what is one goal you have for 2017?
did you sit on Santa's lap when you were little?
do you get to open a gift on Christmas Eve?
have you ever rung the bell for the Salvation army?
did you donate to a cause you believe in this season?
have you ever put a Santa hat on your pet?
have you ever not been happy about Christmas?
have you ever seen a Christmas parade?
have you ever been in one?
did you feel at peace this Christmas?
did you celebrate with a significant other?
did you miss anyone on Christmas?
are you sad when Christmas is over?
what was your favorite part of Christmas this year?
that's all I can think of. Merry Christmas!