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Author: voicedance16
Created: December 31, 2016
Taken: 23 times
Rated: PG

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End of the year survey

Created by voicedance16 and taken 23 times on Bzoink
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how old did you turn in 2016?
in 2016 did you...
start at a new school?
make new friends?
get a new boyfriend/girlfriend/crush?
get a new pet?
read a really good book?
if so, what book(s) was it?
see a really good movie?
if so, what movie(s)?
donate to charity?
play a sport?
perform onstage?
go to starbucks?
go on a fun vacation?
if so, where did you go?
travel outside your home country?
if so, where?
get a new phone?
get a new computer?
break a bad habit?
see your favorite music group in concert?
play an instrument?
look at old photos?
spend time with little kids?
have a really exhausting, but really fun day?
take photos?
meet a celebrity?
if so, who was it?
go to the library?
go to church?
spend over $100 in one store at one time?
get a new car?
eat at a really good restaurant?
eat at a really bad restaurant?
discover a new music artist you love?
listen to/sing music in a different language?
skip school?
facetime/skype someone?
have a job?
get a new tattoo/piercing?
get a good grade on a test you didn't study for?
meet someone who changed your life?
keep your new year's resolution?
what/who was your favorite...
book you read this year?
movie you saw this year?
place you traveled this year?
store you went to this year?
song you discovered this year?
extended family member you saw, if any?
outfit you wore this year?
holiday you celebrated this year?
memory overall from this year?
reflections/looking ahead
what were 3 really good things from this year?
what were 3 not so good things?
which was better for you, 2016 or 2015?
did you change as a person at all this year?
are you happy or sad that 2016 is ending?
do you have any fun new year's eve/day plans?
are you planning to stay up til midnight?
have you ever seen the ball drop in times square?
when you see your friends,etc are you going to say...
"I haven't seen you since last year!"
do you have any new year's resolutions?
if so, how likely is it that you'll keep them?
what is one thing you hope to achieve in 2017?
I'm out of questions, so happy new year!
just filling in the spaces
thanks for taking the survey
hope you had a s'wonderful year!