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Author: skia
Created: January 11, 2017
Taken: 31 times
Rated: G

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Friendship survey

Created by skia and taken 31 times on Bzoink
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Whose your best friend?
Where did you meet your best friend?
Whats the longest friendship you have ever had?
Do they all live near you? (Or at least in the same state/province )
Have you ever met any of them online?
Which friend do you not get along with the most?
Have you ever had a friend abuse you? (emotionals or physically)
Whose your oldest friend?
Who is your youngest friend?
Are you the youngest, middle or oldest of your friends?
Do you remember your very first friend?
Has a friend ever made you question your self worth?
Have you ever had a friend say they liked your crush?
Have you ever kissed your friends girlfriend/boyfriend?
Would you ever kiss your friend(s)?
Does your best friend consider you their best friend?
Which of your friends is the most attractive?
Would you rather have 100 okay friends or 4 close friends?
Could you live without your friends?
Can you tell your friends everything?
Has your parents ever told you they didn't like one of your friends?
Is there someone who was your friend but isnt anymore?
Do you miss that person?
Have you ever wanted to be really close with someone but just couldn't?
Will you correct your friend if they are wrong about something?
Do you even have a best friend?
Would you rather call or text them?
What do you mostly do with your friends?
Do you help your friends out with their relationships? (or crushes)
Has a friend ever ditched you for no reason?
How did that make you feel?
Has a friend of yours ever moved away? (like to a new city, state/province)
How important is it for you for your friends to hang out with you?
whats the longest you havent seen your friends for?
Have you eve r dated someone who was your friend?
Could you even date a friend?
Do your friends have the same interest in you?
Are all your friends the same age as you?
If you're in school, are they in the same grade as you?
If not what grade?
If youre not in school, did you go to school with them?
Have you ever met someone from this website?
How do you prefer to keep in touch with your friends?
Has a friend ever punched your ex?
Have you ever dated someone who didnt like your friends?
Has a friend ever tried to change you?
Ever been friends with someone because everyone else liked them?
Did you even like that person?
OR have you ever been friends with someone that everyone hated?
How did that make you feel?
Do you care what they think about you?
Has a friend of yours ever passed away?
If yes, do you miss them?
Has a friend stopped being your friend because of someone you dated?
do your friends and you ever challenge eachother?
which of your friends is the most active?
Which of your friends is the most creative?
which of your friends do you think will be successful?
Or which of your friends will be the least successful?
Are you still friends with the same friends when you were 5?
Do you confide in your friends a lot?
Do you tell your friends when you like someone?
Has a friend ever asked out someone for you?
Whats your fav memory with your friends?
whats your LEAST fav memory with your friends?
would you ever move in with your friends?
or, have you ever lived with a friend?
If yes, how long?
Do your friends drink or smoke?
Is there anything about your friends you disprove of?
Do your friends and you play video games?
Name one thing your friends hate and you like?
do you have more female or male friends? Or is it the same?
Have you ever seen your friends naked? (In a non sexual way)
Do you love your friends?