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Author: joybucket
Created: January 23, 2017
Taken: 26 times
Rated: G

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Are you like me right now? version 2

Created by joybucket and taken 26 times on Bzoink
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You're sick. :(
You feel miserable.
You are tired of being sick.
You have the flu.
You have felt sick for the past week.
You are in your pajamas.
You are wearing a teal shirt.
Your head hurts.
Your stomach hurts.
You feel hot.
You've had a fever.
You have a high fever last week.
Your nails are painted magenta.
Your allergies are bad.
You are allergic to dust.
Cleaning makes you sneeze.
Your room needs to be cleaned.
Your throat is bugging you.
Your life needs to change [for the better].
You want to go to bed, but you're not tired.
You checked out a library book today.
You went to the bank today.
You went to Kmart today.
You bought something at Kmart today.
You just dyed your hair burgundy.
You feel alone with no one to talk to.
You're not sure what you should do.
It's raining.
You just finished a really good book.
You spend way too much time on facebook.
You don't know if you can take any more.
You're hurting.
You have a crush.
You blew it.
You blew it really bad.
...and now you want someone to talk to about your mistake.
You just bought purple eyeliner.
You have teal eyeliner, and it's your favorite.
You went to see the doctor today.
Your allergies have been acting up lately.
You've been sick for too long.
You hate being sick.
When you're sick, you feel pain in a spot where you broke a bone years ago.
You haven't had the flu in years.
You haven't felt this way since you were a kid.
You haven't heard from your best friend in weeks.
You wonder how she's doing.
You assume she probably has the flu, too.
Your crush doesn't notice you.
This is an abnormally warm winter.
Your nose runs whenever there's a dramatic jump in temperature.
Nail polish remover makes you cough.
You just went to be well again. :(
You sleep in a recliner because of your acid reflux.
You just changed your sheets the other day.
You take a lot of selfies.
You've been posting a ton of selfies on facebook lately.
You spend way too much online, but have nothing else to do.
You post quotes from your favorite book on facebook.
You often spend too much time scrolling through Pins.
Your hobbies are reading and spending time on social media.
You enjoy browsing Goodwill.
Frappaccinos are awesome.
You like chai.
You just yawned.
It's going to be time for bed soon.