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Author: joybucket
Created: March 28, 2017
Taken: 41 times
Rated: PG

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Are you like me right now??? March 2017

Created by joybucket and taken 41 times on Bzoink
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You gained a little bit of weight over the winter.
You've been sick for the past week and are fucking tired of it!!!!
You just went to the doctor yesterday.
You have to wear a mask when you clean, because you're allergic to dust.
You just got a free Biggby drink today!
You are wearing a pink shirt.
You are wearing wool socks.
Vitamin B12 makes you focus.
You've recently dyed your hair burgundy.
You feel like you are all alone in the word.
You love sushi!
You like your sushi spicy, but not too spicy.
Your nails are painted aqua/teal.
You've had a fever all week! :(
You haven't been sleeping well.
Your doctor just prescribed you cough syrup.
Your room is a mess.
You've been trying to clean.
You take birth control pills.
You frequently put off doing the dishes.
Your hair looks flat in the winter, and you don't like it.
You think your hair looks best when it's humid.
You are trying to grow your hair out.
You have long hair.
You've recently thought about suicide.
You don't understand why no one wants to talk to you.
You have crackling in your ears right now.
You have decided to start a new trend and only post positive things on...
You spend a lot of time online.
You have a chronic illness.
You enjoy reading classic literature.
You enjoy taking those "nametest" quizzes.
You play YoWorld.
You've recently ate sushi.
You like to drink SoBe waters.
You've realized that allergy symptoms and cold symptoms are the same.
You read a daily devotional.
You've been talking to your mom a lot.
...but you can't trust your mom enough to talk to her about serious things.
...because you know she'd lash out at you and abuse you if you did. :(
You are so ready for spring.
You want it to be warm!!!!
This winter has been long, too long.
You don't trust anyone.
You have a crush on someone who hates you and has been very mean to you.
You've met a real hypocritical Christian. *smh*
You hate bullying.
You report bullying online every time you see it.
You are wearing yoga pants.
You have a water bottle right by you.
You enjoy writing in cursive.
Your enjoy your handwriting.
You wish you had someone who loved you and cared about you.
Jesus is your best friend, Lord, and Savior. :)
You wish you didn't have to feel all alone in this world.
You don't really want to die, but sometimes suicide seems like the only...
...sane and reasonable choice.
You had a crush one someone who you lost interest in after you found out...
...that person was very mean-spirited and rude.
You've been sick three times this year already!
You had a bad reaction to nail polish remover and can't use it anymore.
The weather is bipolar and random where you live.
Where you live, it's possible to get sunburn and frostbite in the same week
You have bangs.
You have a hard time getting rid of things.
Your computer is your best friend lol
You miss living in community. :(
You have no friends.
You have no life. :(
You are gifted.
You have a secret.
You would be so much happier and life would be so much easier if you...
..were loved.
You enjoyed this survey. :)