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Author: joybucket
Created: August 27, 2017
Taken: 47 times
Rated: G

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Created by joybucket and taken 47 times on Bzoink
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What makes you angry?
Who do you want to be your valentine?
Would you say you are bold?
What's your blood type?
Would you ever drive a red car?
Do you like ladybugs?
Do you own red lipstick?
What's your favorite food that is red?
Do the leaves turn red in the fall where you live?
Are you strong?
Do you like oranges?
Would you say you are awkward?
Do you like the color orange?
Have you ever had an Orange Julius?
Do you like pumpkins?
Have you ever been to jail?
Is Halloween your favorite holiday?
What's your favorite orange food?
Are you happy????
Are you generally an optimistic person?
Do you ride the bus to school?
What's your favorite yellow food?
Do you like writing with pencils or pens better?
Do you like sunflowers?
Do you have sunflowers in your yard?
Do you need sunlight to feel happy?
Would you ever paint a room yellow?
Are you envious of someone?
Are you jealous of someone?
What makes you feel jealous?
Do you like kale?
What's your favorite food that is green?
Do you wear green on St. Patrick's Day?
Do you believe in luck?
Do you believe in leprochauns?
Are you a nature person?
Do you like water?
Are you a calm person?
What soothes you?
Are you romantic?
Do you like the color blue?
What's your favorite food that is blue?
Would you ever put blue in your hair?
Are you eyes blue?
Does blue look good on you?
Have you ever heard the word "indigo" apart from someone talking about...
..the rainbow?
Do you like purple?
Do you consider yourself royalty?
Do you treat yourself as royalty?
Do other people treat you as royalty?
Do you own purple lipstick?
Do you own purple eye shadow?
More questions!
Do you like the color pink?
Have you ever seen a rainbow?
Have you ever seen a double rainbow?
What's your favorite color?
What color is your hair?
What color are your eyes?
What colors look best on you?
What color is your phone?
What color are your bedroom walls?
What color are you wearing?
What color are your nails?
What's your least favorite color?
What colors look terrible on you?
What colors don't you like?
What are your favorite colors?
What color is your favorite pair of shoes?
What color are your sheets?
If you're a girl, what color bra are you wearing?
If you're wearing a watch, what color watch are you wearing?
What was your favorite color when you were young?
What color is your backpack?
What color was the house you grew up in?
What color is the house or apartment you live in now?
What color was your first car?
What color was your senior prom dress?
What color was your junior prom dress?
What color do you want to get married in?
What colors have you dyed your hair?
Name a color not mentioned in this survey.