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Author: joybucket
Created: August 29, 2017
Taken: 25 times
Rated: G

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Are you like me? (long!)

Created by joybucket and taken 25 times on Bzoink
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You were born in the fall.
Fall is your favorite season.
Your favorite color is teal.
You like the name Bianca.
You want to be an artist and writer.
You love to write.
You love to paint.
You are very creative.
You get bullied consistently, and you're tired of it.
You are very spiritual.
You have all the drama on social media.
You love the outdoors.
You like to be barefoot.
You love both mornings and evenings.
You like to drink tea.
Your hair is long.
You love redheads.
You think real life is boring.
You wish you were an alien, because being human is too boring and painful.
You were abused.
Your dream house is Bohemian.
Your dream wedding would be outdoor and Bohemian themed.
You want to a Bohemian wedding dress.
You don't look good in white.
You don't look good in black.
You love bright colors.
You like peacocks.
You love dogs.
You like to read.
You've read your favorite book over and over and over again.
I wish you could go back in time and fix your mistakes.
You've made a TON of mistakes.
You have a TON of regrets.
You definitely don't feel your life is fair.
You like the singer Mandisa.
You love Paramore's song "Ain't it Fun" because it's about your life.
You like Kari Jobe's song "We Are."
You wish you were more transparent...you need to be more transparent.
You were shy when you were younger.
You love your natural hair color.
You think you are attractive.
You enjoy taking selfies.
Photography is fun.
You would love to be a photographer.
You wish you could afford to travel to foreign lands.
You love the Anne of Green Gables books.
You love the Daughters of the Moon series.
You want to write a novel.
You want to be a painter.
If you were rich, you would live in a Victorian house with a nice garden.
You're not sure if you want to get married or not.
You don't really like kids.
You aren't sure if you want kids.
If you had kids, you'd want GIRLS.
You'd want your first child to be a girl.
You like the name Aurora.
You like the name Anica.
You like the name Skye.
You like the name Eliana.
You want to travel to England.
You've never ridden an elephant.
You love sushi!
You love macaroni and cheese.
You like kale and basil.
You like homemade smoothies.
You wish you were more organized.
You wish your room would clean itself.
You wish you had a car.
You wish you were rich and hope you don't have to stay poor forever.
Your eyes are hazel.
You're the same height as your mom.
You like to read and meditate on Scripture.
You've very spiritual. (I don't remember if I've said that yet or not.)
You love chocolate and get cravings for it frequently.
You love caramel apple cider.
For your Starbucks free birthday drink, you always order a chai latte.
You've been through tragedy.
You've been through something traumatic.
You long for a mother you could talk to, who loves you.
You wish you had love and support.
You get angry at injustice.
You had severe ADHD when you were younger.
You have endometriosis.
You have had excruciatingly painful cramps that made you throw up.
You have allergies.
You had asthma when you were a kid.
You're allergic to mosquitoes.
You've won an essay contest.
You would like to someday own a dog that looks like you.
You hate ugly and gross things and don't ever want to look at them.
You've been voted Most Unique.
You are very unique.
You like yourself the way you are, but others don't accept you.
You don't know why others hate you so much.
You've been abused by a pastor.
You've been abused by your parents.
You've been bullied by a teacher.
One person you want to meet in Heaven is Amanda Todd.
You like to listen to Christina Grimmie.
You loved the show All That.
You've seen Aaron Carter in concert.
Your first job was in food service, and you loved it.
You've been to a school that has chapel services.
You are the only Christ follower in your family.
You're asexual.
You like to write in cursive.
You like to write in a diary and also to write letters to friends.
You still believe in snail mail.
You have tap danced.
You used to love to perform onstage in dance recitals.
Being on stage makes you happy.
You dream of being famous.
You wish you were more popular.
You wish more people liked you.
You've been bullied by your crush.
You've had a best friend turn against you.
You've been betrayed by your parents and your best friend.
You've had a friend choose to go with a group of bullies and side with...
...them instead of stand up for you.
You enjoy fashion and wish you had money to shop more.
You don't want to go gray.
You like to exercise.
You wish you had a swimming pool.
You enjoy sleepovers.
You have acid reflux.
You've almost passed out but didn't.
You've broken your toe.
You're double-jointed.
You can lick the tip of your nose.
You like to write in calligraphy.
You used to get straight A's in spelling.
You're a straight-A student in Creative Writing and Art.
^And those are your favorite subjects.
You like to go to church.
You've been to a really boring church before.
You've been to a real lively and fun and accepting church.
You've been to a church full of bigots.
You don't have any tattoos.
You have sensitive skin.
You own purple fairy wings.
You like to dance.
You like to sing.
You've received many compliments on your singing voice.
You have neat handwriting.
You love SoBe Water.
You like Lunchables.
You like sesame chicken.
You love pineapple on pizza.
You've never had a crush on a guy.
You've had a friend crush.
You watched American Idol.
Molly was your favorite American Girl doll.
You love to look at the stars.
You've seen a rainbow out your window.
You can see the moon and stars out your window.
You've seen an eclipse.
Your middle name is Ann.
You watched the very first episode of Spongebob when it first premiered.
You really want a basket for your bike, but have never had one.
You like to ride your bike.
You like to eat Reeses.
Your favorite Halloween candy is Tootsie Fruit Chews.
Your favorite Disney princess is Belle.
Your favorite cartoon character is Snoopy.
You are happy today!