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Author: joybucket
Created: September 18, 2017
Taken: 20 times
Rated: G

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Created by joybucket and taken 20 times on Bzoink
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What's your favorite foreign cuisine?
Do you like sushi?
Do you like crab?
Do you like spaghetti?
What kind of dance class would you rather take: Irish, African, or Thai?
Would you rather visit Thailand or Morocco?
Would you rather visit China or France?
Would you rather visit Mexico or Japan?
What is your Chinese zodiac sign?
What's your favorite Japanese name that you've heard?
What's your favorite Mexican name that you've heard?
What countries have you met people from?
What countries have you visited?
What countries do you want to visit?
What foreign food do you want to try?
What foreign cuisine don't you like?
Can you speak any other languages?
What is the origin of your last name?
What is the origin of your first name?
Have you ever worn a sari?
Are you interested in world cultures?
What is your country's main religion?
What do you think is your country's worst problem?
What country do you live in?
Are you proud do be whatever nationality you are?
Do you feel like the government in your country is corrupt?
Do you know anyone who's been raped?
Do you know anyone who's been abused?
Are women treated with respect in your country?
Are people treated as equals in your country?
Is inequality a huge problem in your country?
Have you ever personally encountered racism?
Have you ever felt discriminated against?
Have you ever felt threatened?
Have you ever felt threatened for your life?
Do you feel safe in your country?
Do you feel like life is worth living in your country?
Are you afraid to stand up for yourself?
Do you own a Chinese paper lantern?
Do you listen to jpop or kpop?
Do you listen to Celtic music?
What do you think sounds like the worst culture to live in?
What are you: Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian, or other?
What is one thing you wish was different about your country?
Do you think that history should be taught in schools?
Do you live in a Christian nation?
If you're American, where did your ancestors immigrate from?
Do you have any Indian in you?
Do you like historical fiction?
Do you like to read historical fiction about other cultures?
Were you taught about the Holocaust in school?
Does it bother you that you were only taught about the Holocaust in...
...school and not about other genocides in other countries?
Does it bother you that you were only taught about past events in school...
...and not current ones?
Are you suffering?
Is there slavery in your country?
Do you feel free in your country?
Is life a risk in your country?
What colors are you countries flag?
If you could choose, would you have been born somewhere else?
Can you eat with chopsticks?
Do you feel like you're living in hell?
Do you wish life were fair?
Are there people in your country that no one cares about?
Do you think life sounds better in the 1800's than it does today?
What is your favorite work of historical fiction?
Are people nice in your country?
Does your country have a lot of crime?
Do you know your city's history?
Do you love your hometown?
Would you rather eat scones, dumplings, eggrollss, or breadsticks?
Would you rather drink oolong tea, English black tea, coffee, or gin?
Would you rather wear a toga, sari, Victorian gown, or overalls?
Do you like your culture?
Do you feel like you belong in your culture?