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Author: joybucket
Created: October 8, 2017
Taken: 35 times
Rated: G

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Are you like me? October 2017 version

Created by joybucket and taken 35 times on Bzoink
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You are living in a nightmare and wish it would change.
You have dreams you wish to pursue and are eager to start living.
You love enchantment, mystery, wonder, and delight.
October splendor makes you feel alive.
You perceive that all of nature is singing and you want to join in.
You feel inspired to write a story right now.
Nature inspires you.
You are a very creative individual.
You want to write about aliens, mystical creatures, and other cultures.
Pumpkin spice is delicious!
You love pumpkin spice tea.
You think coffee is gross.
You wish that life were less complex and more simple and magical.
You feel trapped indoors, but outside you feel free.
Your parents have clipped your wings, but now you want to fly!
You are supernatural, spiritual, holy, delightful, fearfully...
...and wonderfully made, and gifted.
You love and appreciate art, color, nature, and beauty.
The Victorian era sounds like the most appealing time to live in.
You have been wounded beyond what you could bear, and it's only God's...
...grace that keeps you going.
You are training to run a Halloween-themed 5k.
You know what you are going to be for Halloween this year.
You hate alligators and spiders and would not use them for decorations.
All of nature is alive!
The most beautiful scenery you have ever seen is fall foliage.
You aren't superstitious.
You would decorate for Halloween if you had your own house and you could.
You like fruity Halloween candies best.
You are going to be a moon goddess this year.
If you had to choose a theme for a potluck it would be Japanese.
You usually make your own costumes out of clothes for your closet.
You think the Halloween costumes for sale are way overpriced.
You own a pair of striped tights.
You've dressed up as a Disney princess before.
Sometimes when you are outside, you wish you had your sketchbook with you.
You take a ton of pictures.
Writing brings you pleasure.
Your dream house is big and fancy and Victorian.
You often wish you were rich.
You wish you could afford to drive a car and get an education.
You like gaining weight because you think it makes you look a little older.
You are the exact same age your mom was when she had you today!
You own fall leaf earrings.
You own a Halloween shirt.
You went to a skeleton festival recently.
You enjoy writing with your new skeleton pen.
You like to write letters.
Your friend has hurt your feelings and been mean to you recently.
Said friend is nice and seems to care on some days but not others.
You wish you could do what you want when you wanted....
You have lived a life of slavery and want to be free.
Others refuse to speak or include you or associate with you.
You know some very vicious and toxic people.
You own fringe boots.
You have too much clutter and want to live a simpler life.
You love Anne of Green Gables.
You want to be an artist and a writer for a career.
You also want to be a photographer.
You are flexible and want to see if you can become a contortionist.
You look like your mom but have your dad's hair color.
You enjoy writing in cursive.
Pumpkin is a wonderfully delicious flavor!
You wish someone would take you to a cider mill--preferably a guy you...
...could see yourself with.
Your dream house would definitely have a swimming pool.
You think old-fashioned cars are much more stylish than modern ones.
You think red hair is lovely.
One of your favorite books is about a moon goddess.
Your birthday is coming up in a month.
You just bought new leggings recently.
You wish you could afford to go to coffee shops and buy drinks more often.
Caramel apple cider is one of your favorite fall drinks.
You love both apple and pumpkin pie.