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Author: joybucket
Created: January 19, 2018
Taken: 28 times
Rated: G

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And there she goes again...

Created by joybucket and taken 28 times on Bzoink
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What colors do you look best in?
What are your passions?
Does anyone encourage you to go after your dreams?
Will you go after your dreams even if no one is on your side?
In your opinion, what makes life worth living?
Do you own anything chevron print?
What is your favorite resale website or store?
Do you sell your clothes online?
What places would you visit if you were rich?
What's a business you've considered starting?
Do you have trouble getting rid of things?
Are you ok?
Have you ever done drugs, and if so, would you recommend it?
What's your favorite season?
Do you ever daydream about your wedding day?
What are some good names for a dog or a cat?
Do you know what you want to do for your 30th birthday?
Have you made a list of things you want to do before your 30?
How many instruments do you play?
Do you have a portfolio of artwork?
Do you have a collection of things you've written?
Have you ever written a magazine article just for fun?
Do you fit into any stereotype?
What two stereotypes resemble you the most?
What zodiac sign should you be?
Would you ever want a drawing of a dragon on your wall?
Do you have a circulation problem?
What church do you go to?
What's your favorite time of day?
Are you having a hard time with something right now?
Do you have trust issues?
What do you do to escape from reality?
Are you who you want to be?
Do you care what people think of you?
Are you a free spirit?
Have you ever smoked pot?
Are you high?
Do you have trouble coping? How do you cope with your problems?
Would you pay someone to listen to you?
Have you ever been especially nice to someone, and they still hated you?
Do you have another life, a beautiful life, inside of your head?
What does Jesus mean to you?
Have you ever been hurt by someone who meant a lot to you?
What career do you want to have?
What makes you come alive?
Does anyone in your life have a mental illness?
Does anyone care about you?
Do you have big dreams for your future?
Do you long for someone to be there for you?
How can I pray for you?
Would you be disappointed if you died a virgin?
What are you a virgin when it comes to?
What planet represents you the most, and why?
Do your parents abuse you?
What current trend do you love the most?
Do you keep up with the latest styles?
What vehicle do you wish to drive?
What is the theme of your dream wedding?
Is anything holding you back?
Are you ok?
Are your dreams within your reach?
Would you rather be a bird or a turtle?
Do you notice the various colors in rocks?
Do you read spiritual books?
Does spirituality interest you?
Do you have frequent encounters with the supernatural?
Do you support law enforcement?
Should there be laws against verbal abuse and assault?
Should teenagers have rights?
Do all people matter?
Do you believe you have a call, and do you know that it is?
Name a celebrity who has your hair color.
Are you different?
If you are unique, do you wish you weren't, or do you like it?
Are you proud of who you are or ashamed of it? Have you accepted yourself?
Do you take care of yourself?
Do doctors scare you?
Is your heart ok?
What act of social injustice really bothers you?
Are you ok?
What ways have you used to try to get attention?
...and did anyone notice?
Do you wear a cross necklace daily as a reminder of your salvation?
Have you ever evangelized?
What do you do to encourage yourself?
Are you motivated?
Do you want to be an artist, writer, photographer, dancer, or musician?
Do you have trouble with keeping things organized?
Can you dance?
Are you double jointed?
Are you an angel?
Have you ever been called an angel or asked if you were one?
Are you an alien?
Are you a zombie?
God is good. Correct?
Is life good?
Do you have all of your needs met?
Do you trust anyone?
Are you a risk-taker?
Bye-bye for now! :D <3 Have a glorious week! You matter and are loved! <3