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About This Survey

Author: skia
Created: January 19, 2018
Taken: 22 times
Rated: G

Ex Boyfriend/Girlfriend Survey

Created by skia and taken 22 times on Bzoink
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What was their name?
How old are they?
What age were you when you were dating them?
When did you date them?
Favorite thing about them?
Least favorite thing about them?
Where did you meet?
Was it love at first sight?
What was your first thought about them?
Did you even LIKE them at first?
Who asked out who?
How long did the relationship last?
Did you love them during the time of the relationship?
Did they love you?
what was your first date?
Did you ever talk about having kids?
Did you ever talk about marriage?
Did you move in with them? (or they move in with you)
who talked the most?
Did you have sex with them?
what did you guys do mostly?
did you ever say i love you and not mean it?
Do you still love them?
Do you think they still love you?
Have you guys talked recently?
Do you hate them?
The break up..
Who broke up with who?
When did it happen?
Was their tears?
Was it through text or face-to-face?
What was the reason for you guys to break up?
What was said during the break up?
If it was in person were you two alone or was their people around?
Looking back are you happy that you two didnt work out?
Did you guys talk after the break up?
Did you guys get back together again and then break up AGAIN?
Did they miss you but you didnt miss them? Or you miss them and they didnt
How long has been since you last seen them in person?
When did you last talk?
Are you still friends with them?
Are they dating someone new?
Are you dating somebody new?
Do you think there is a chance of you two getting back together?
Do they constantly text/call you but you ignore?
Or do you constantly text/call but they ignore ?
Do you still like them?
If you could give yourself one piece of information about the relatonship..
what would you tell yourself?
Have you tried to avoid them?
Was it a tough break up?
Is there anything you would of changed about the relationship?
If you could would you stop yourself from meeting them?
Are you guys friends still?