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Author: joybucket
Created: January 25, 2018
Taken: 13 times
Rated: G

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Girl Confessions X

Created by joybucket and taken 13 times on Bzoink
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You look at yourself every time you walk by a mirror.
You like to keep up with the latest fashion trends.
You find shopping fun!
You love getting new clothes.
You wish you had more money to spend on clothes.
You are happy with what you have.
You go back and forth from being happy and sad...
You suffer from severe loneliness.
You've had crushes that you've never told anyone about.
You can still wear clothes from the children's section.
You feel self-conscious without make-up on.
You think you look like a model. (Be honest--it's ok to be pretty :) )
You've had a crush on someone in a different social class than you.
You compare yourself other women/girls.
Sometimes you feel jealous when someone else has the life you want.
You like the color pink.
You like pink, lace, flowers, and frills.
You'd be happy if a guy bought you flowers.
You appreciate lovely things.
You would shop in antique stores if you could afford it.
Your favorite hot drink is tea.
You miss someone and your heart is hurting. :(
You are longing for a friendship with a certain someone...or more.
You've never been kissed.
You've saving yourself for marriage.
You wear a promise ring.
You like small tattoos.
You have sensitive skin.
Some flowers make you sneeze.
You might consider a tattoo if your skin wasn't so sensitive.
You aren't the best at walking in heels...
You don't feel graceful when you dance.
You're sometimes socially awkward.
You write things down that you wouldn't ever want anyone else to see.
You sing when you're alone.
You think you have a good singing voice.
You've been told you have a good singing voice.
You wanted to be a celebrity when you were growing up.
You had a list of dreams jobs as a kid.
You aren't where you want to be in life yet.
You have bad days; you aren't always happy or ok.
You're broken inside.
You've had your heart broken.
You don't always post how you really feel online because you're afraid of..
...being attacked.
You have some unpopular opinions.
You've felt embarrassed to admit you still wear kid's sizes.
You wear girl's (girls, not womens) underwear.
You still buy bras from the kid's section.
You've been obsessed with a celebrity.
You've been in love with a teacher.
You're self-conscious sometimes.
You hate how you look.
You don't wear make-up every day.
You're feminine but not girly.
You dress more masculine than feminine.
You've had cramps so bad that you threw up.
You dream of your wedding day.
You've been to prom.
You've been on a date.
You've questioned your sexuality.
You've questioned your gender.
You've been on a diet to lose weight.
You enjoy writing letters.
You enjoy the simple things in life.
You're laid-back.
You're a generally optimistic person.
You want to go to Paris.
You loved Passport to Paris.
You have acne.
You have/had braces.
You wear glasses.
You're nearsighted.
You're farsighted.
You're hipster.
You're a free spirit.
You're a people pleaser...and you want to change that.
You have a bad habit of procrastinating.
You like your body type.
You've been called beautiful.
You think you are beautiful.
You have awkward-shaped feet.
You have awkward-shaped thumbs.
You have a nice butt.
You have curves.
You can't wear skinny jeans because of your muscular legs.
You wear what you want.
You've been called a trendsetter.
You like "justgirlythings" on Pinterest.
You've planned your wedding on Pinterest.
You've made a bucket list.
You believe that taking risks is what makes life worth living.
You have a favorite lipstick shade.
You went through an awkward stage.
You own a girly backpack.
You own a designer purse.
You shop at consignment and resale stores.
You've found some really nice things at Goodwill.
You want a Bohemian-themed wedding.
You want a classic wedding.
You want a beach wedding.
You want a country wedding.
You like British accents.
You want a small dog.
You wish you were rich.
You've had a lot of haters.
You've made some mistakes, but this year is your comeback year. :)
You are going to pursue your dreams no matter what.
You know that God is on your side!
You like playing dress-up.
You're girly.
You get your feelings hurt easily and/or often.
You have a crush.
You like taking these kinds of surveys.
You've done ballet.
You wear skirts.
You wear dresses.
You own heels but rarely wear them.
Most shoes make your feet hurt.
You tend to wear jeans until they rip and you can't wear them anymore.
You wish your favorite pairs of pants would last longer.
You like jeggings best of all.
You have a shirt with an elephant on it.
You have a pair of palazzo pants.
You live in yoga pants.
Leggings are awesome.
You have a big butt.
You're short.
You're tall.
You're average.
You've been told you look like a celebrity.
You love tea.
You like taking pictures of the flowers in the spring.
You're spiritual.
You're intuitive.
You forget who you are sometimes.
You have trouble loving yourself sometimes.
You like candles.
You take baths.
You've used a bath bomb.
You've dyed your hair.
You want a professional photo shoot done.
You want to be a photographer.
You like cats.
You like dogs.
You believe women should be paid as much as men.
You are struggling.
Your life is hard.
You go back and forth from feeling positive and negative.
You have a good doctor.
You have "female problems."
You have hormone problems.
You look like your mom.
You can draw.