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Author: emptyspaces
Created: January 29, 2018
Taken: 64 times
Rated: G

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35 Questions About Your Day

Created by emptyspaces and taken 64 times on Bzoink
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What is today's date?
What time did you wake up?
What woke you up? Or did you wake up naturally?
How many hours of sleep did you get?
What was the first thing you did after getting out of bed?
Who was the first person you spoke to?
What did you eat for breakfast?
What clothes did you wear?
What time was it when you left the house?
Did you have any coffee? From home or from a coffee shop?
Where all did you go today?
Who did you talk to in person?
Who did you talk to on the phone?
Who did you text?
Who did you spend the most time with?
Did you buy anything?
What did you eat for lunch?
Did you have any snacks?
What's the weather been like today?
Did you tell anyone that you love them?
Did anyone tell you that they love you?
What time did you get home?
Did you get the mail today?
Did you change into other clothes after you got home?
What was for dinner?
Did you cook dinner, or did someone else?
What chores did you do around the house?
Did you learn anything new today?
Did anything surprise you today?
What kind of mood have you been in most of the day?
What were some positive things about today?
What were some negative things about today?
What time will you be going to bed?
What is your usual bedtime routine?
Rate today on a scale of 1-10.