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Author: skia
Created: February 7, 2018
Taken: 69 times
Rated: PG

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Are We Alike

Created by skia and taken 69 times on Bzoink
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You graduated high school
You are currently in college
You have amber colored eyes
You have 2 cats
Youre in a relationship
Which has been over 2 years
Your significant other is 6 years older than you
You have a YouTube channel
And you actually post videos and get views
Your favorite social media site is Youtube
You miss msn/aim
You once gave a code name for a crush
And they found out it was them
You’ve been hit by a car
You want to be an artist
You have an anxiety disorder that has really messed up your life
You are very short
You like to draw
Your fav band is Of Monsters and Men
You favorite TV show currently is This Is Us
You love working out
Your best friend has been your best friend for over 10 years
You had to get rid of a toxic friend
That toxic friend was someone you once really trusted
Your father died when you were a teen
You love playing video games
You never have cheated on someone or never will
You have only slept with one person and are still with that person <3
You believe in God
But are very disappointed in Him
You have a small group of friends but you’re all close
You have made a few internet friends through the years and you’re still i
Contact with them
You don’t have a dream
You love The Gabbie Show
And Game Grumps
But Pewdiepie is your fav
You have a bad self image
But you’re learning to love yourself
You take medication for multiple reasons
You hate going to the doctors
You hate the smell of the dentist
You love skinny jeans
You wear a lot of band T-shirt’s
You went to Disneyland
And was extremely happy when you were there
You hate sleeping by yourself
You sleep with the tv on
Kingdom Hearts is one of you fav video games
You love slurpees (or slushees)
You LOVE soft pretzels
You dislike pasta
You don’t want kids
You love running
You have a really nice butt
You have been told that lots of times
Someone has said I love You to you today
You said it back
You love sex
Violet is your fav colour
You believe in soul mates but not twin flames
You have ADD
It causes a lot of issues for you
You sleep with lots of blankets and pillows
You want to get married before you’re 30
You’re 21
You love thigh high socks
You don’t like school
You like to drive but not when you aren’t comfortable with where
You are going
You drive a pretty decent car
You have a PlayStation 4
You take your phone with you all th time
You wear expensive make up
Even tho ur broke af
You have small hands and feet
You’re white
You live in Canada
You want to go to Iceland
You like books but you don’t enjoy reading
You get distracted easy
You listen to music everyday
You were sexually assaulted
You need to see a therapist
You love coke vanilla
You smoke weed
You like drinking cocktails
You love memes
You have an ex who still tries to get into contact with you
You’re allergic to dogs :(